Seriously for once: I need a chef - urgent!

;D At the risk of getting a lot of abuse / unhelpful comments, I'm after hiring a chef for a private function: Saturday lunchtime BBQ, Aldershot area. Cash and beer on offer. Date is May 10th. Hours: not many. Would suit someone who is feeling a bit short (of cash!).

Any takers / helpful comments...?!  

PS - if this is against the postings rules, apologies in advance!
??? ::)
I May be able to help you!

I happen to be away from my post on the date you mention on a course in the shot. (I have the weekend off) :)

If at all possible I wil help you in any way I can.

You can get my e-mail address from my profile and get in touch I will also try and get a message to you if you have your e-mail in your profile.

I do not wish any financial reward for the help but I would certainly join you in a beer.

PS - if this is against the postings rules, apologies in advance!
Not at all, though I do charge a small commission ;)
To Sekundra

Could you please get in touch with me, should you still require the assistance of a chef. I would like some more information.

You can e-mail me at the address in my profile.


MC :)
....and I am free that weekend.... now where did I leave my drinking head?  ;D
??? Woopert, I am getting concerned by a lack of contact from MC. Please get him to check his emails, or contact me via link on the left.

MC - if you read this please get in touch!
Unfortunately, if he doesn't log onto the site, there's nothing I can do if he isn't responding to email.
Hello Sekundra

First of all may I appologise for the lack of contact also to let you know that my wife has deleted all my e-mails from people she doesn't know (silly b1tch) so I no longer have your details if they were in them?

So could you please get in touch via e-mail and I will be here this weekend to collect them myself. and to get in touch with you asap.

ps. I got called away on a job away from post last minute thing. I hope you understand. Hear from you soon :)

Regards MC

PPs Sorry woopert! :-[

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