Seriously considering joining up.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by moto_psycho, Oct 9, 2008.

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  1. Hi, i dont really know is this is where to ask or not! So... im going to anyway :D . Ive been seriously considering joining the army the past few weeks, tbh it seems the perfect course for me. But im asking, what do I have to expect, say I go down to the recruitment centre right now and say "i want in"... how does it go from there?

    Thanks guys!
  2. and for a little character reference on me, i used to have long hair passed the old nipples.... which is now a grade 3
  3. The hardest bit in my opinion is actually walking through the door in the first place; after that you just get more and more motivated , especially when you know exactly what role your going for. what do you want to do in the army?
  4. Ref the posters question,I would suggest having a long think over what it is you would actually want to do in the mob,where do your intrests point you?

    If you go into an AFCO as a blank canvas you may well end up being talked into joining a tradegroup that is not your bag.Using the interweb to have a peek at what is on offer is a good start as you can do so in a non-pressure enviroment.

    And I am not sure what the hair thing is about but dont worry.A very good friend of mine used to have hair down below his waist (being a disciple of thrash metal!).He joined latter in life and is currently a full screw in the royal marines on 45 CDO.
  5. Just go to AFCO. What have to got to lose. Thinking about doing it is a step in the right direction. Then at least you can pick up some booklets of the different careers in the Army.
    At the AFCO you will be given an application form and an appointment for your British Army Recruit Battery (easy tests) if you agree.
    Just go mate at this point you are not signed up for anything and can pull out at any time! (not that you would want to, like the other post says; the further on you get the more you want it)
  6. The career opportunities in the Army are mind blowing! There are so many for so many different kinds of people. I passed selection last month for the RE and I can't wait to get in in March. I guarantee you there will be a job in the Army that you'll like. You'll get DVDs and booklets etc and can take your time looking through them. The only thing I'll say is listen to advice given at the AFCO but always make up your own mind, admittedly I did find myself being directed to certain jobs but then I guess you can see that as advice too.
  7. 1stly AFCO?

    2nd, I too am a follower of the thrash :twisted:

    3rd. right, what i was looking at in the army was to join the REME, i was considering that 3 years ago, before starting at a garage on a 3 year apprenticeship scheme... BUT! last wednesday, i got unfairly dismissed and assaulted by my boss (long story, but you get the jist of what a shit place it was to work), and by assaulted i mean, violently pushed, i could have destroyed the bloke, but for once i was actually quite calm.

    so yeah anyway, im trying to sort out so i can finish my 3rd year, but if everything fails I am willing to join up as I am, which on paper, isnt a lot really, 2 GCSEs, 3 key skills, bike and car license. basically i see it as a doorway to a more exciting and challenging lifestyle.

    the only things im worried about really is losing mates etc i have here, but tbh, unlike women, theres no chance of falling out with them whilst away 8)
  8. AFCO= Armed Forces Careers Office

    Also, see ACIO= Army Careers Information Office.

    You may not be able to join the REME, due to your grades, I'm afraid to tell you. Certain areas of the Army require you to have certain academic qualifications in order for you to apply, and the last time I checked up on the detail, the REME ask for GCSE English, maths, and one science. I may well be wrong, so ask in your office to find out the definate answer.
    If I were in your position, I would consider a career in either the Royal Artillery or the Royal Armoured Corps. Both of them are extremely fulfilling, challenging and rewarding jobs in the combat arms, and neither require any academic qualifications to enlist into. Bonus for you here is that in both of these roles you can expect to work on everything from a landrover to a challenger 2 or AS90, specialise in D&M (driving and maintainance), and go on to be an instructor on the vehicles, if you so wish!
    Both of these jobs will mean that you still get your hands dirty in an engine bay on an extremely regular basis, and also give you the opportunity to settle in one place (at least for the Artillery), and still be able to see your old mates.
    To be honest, I really wouldnt worry too much about them though, if they are real mates, you will never fall out with them, and you will be making many more on your travels if you start a career in the Army- friends that will do absolutely anything for you, that you will trust with your life, as they trust you with theirs.
    Basically mate, DO IT. Get into the office, ask about the jobs available to you, and get yourself in the system. If you don't, you will only spend the rest of your life thinking "What if..."

    *Edited because I type like a penguin wearing boxing gloves*
  9. Wow, looking at it, both the artillery and armoured are quite appealing! As said now, its just gathering the balls.
  10. The 'course' as you put it is the easy part, although it may not seem like it at the time. It is to prepare you for the best and most challenging career you will find anywhere on the planet where you will be pushed far further than basic ever will. One of the prime jobs of the armys' initial training is to remove those who will not be suitable for:

    a. Working under pressure.
    b. Working with others as part of a team regardless of what they think of the other team members.
    c. 'getting it'

    And yes, I'm a metal head too :)*

    *Albeit a slightly older type who put 13 years in.
  11. Well, trust me, I believe I can take it, all my life I've never been challenged, and that truly is why I am what I am today, I was in all the special sets at school, and rated within the top 10% of the smartest kids in britain, but they just couldnt challenge me, and having spent all my life at public schools, I've just wasted, smoked pot and found the self destructive route the most appealing there is. At age 17, I discovered motorbikes, once again, always looking for a challenge, got me in trouble with the police a lot. Then it got nicked, so there I am, chasing down a group of 20 odd chavs with a chain and french firecrackers. Few years on its still the same, nothing in this life keeps my attention, cause everything is just way too boring. Hell, it sucks I got fired at the garage but tbh, I dont know how much longer I could take orders from someone who was such an idiotic asshole, I am happy to take orders from people I respect and who earnt their position, but when its an overweight tosser who got given everything he has and doesnt know crap, it just makes my blood boil.

    THAT, is why im beginning to believe the army is the way forward for me, the learning, the challenges, and especially the being pushed to succeed. Please tell me if im wrong believing this, cause it really seems like the life for me at the moment!
  12. Another question to add is, what is the fitness requirement? Since february I've been doing karate, and obviously working in a garage has kept me reasonably strong, but my stamina is shit. Any advice?
  13. I suggest staying away from the RMP then.
  14. mate just go to you local careers office and have a talk with the recruiting officer, thats what i did. they help you as much as they can, they'll answer all of your questions and give you, booklets and leaflets ect with all the information you could want about the army.

    the careers office is always the best place to start, plus youll have to go there at one point or another to get the application form!