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Is the Orange phone coverage on Blandford Camp sufficient?

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I'm currently gathering evidence against Orange with regards to their inadequate levels of mobile phone coverage on Blandford Camp - some of you will have seen my emails on the Blandford LAN and/or my surveys around the camp.

The main reason that I can see for Orange coverage being so poor and Vodafone being so good (and the base-stations are co-located) is that:

Orange mast (at 14m in height) transmits 1800MHz at 17.3 dBW although they are licensed to pump out up to 32 dBW

Vodafone mast (at 15m) transmits 900MHz at 25.35 dBW. They are also licensed up to 32 dBW

My source for these data is the OFCOM website - OFCOM SITEFINDER

My understanding is that the higher the frequency, the more power is required to achieve the same distance/coverage of lower frequencies and hence the reason for limited/no coverage on camp.

I will be writing to Orange within the next month or so. after I have gathered my surveys, polls and emails (and anything that you enlightened people may be able to add). I will probably refer to this thread too.

Therefore I would respectfully ask the following of you all:

Vote in the poll

Give both good and bad experiences of ORANGE only and on BLANDFORD CAMP only.

Add any technical information that you feel will assist me.

Be serious and keep the profanities down.

Give the thread maximum publicity.

THE THREAD WILL BECOME REDUNDANT AT 2359 ON 14 JULY after which I will print and attach.

Many thanks

I was at Blandford between July 2001 - June 2002 and I had an orange phone which became redundant after a week as I never had a signal on the patch. I used to have to hang out of the bedroom window on Gunville Down Road to get any signal not the best way to have a convo with a mate, while mad soldiers ran up and down the road waving. I changed to Vodaphone and they were fab.

I havent voted as its not current but it tells you this has always been the situation.

Mo x x x
Who gives a monkeys arrse, unless you are a tech or posted there!
Yep, agree wholeheartedly. Three's no Orange coverage in the area of the Officers Mess either.

I rang them to complain, got told there was nothing they could do, I left my contract there and then, without cost to me, as their network coverage was so poor.

Vodafone by comparison are much better. IIRC all of the duty phones are on the Vodafone network as they work all over camp, can anyone else confirm this?
There is a wonderful yet frustrating irony about having poor communications at the 'home' of the Royal Signals that is not lost on me or, I suspect, anyone else, thus negating the need for me to point this out and making my whole post quite, quite redundant.

I'll get me coat.
I went as far as buying a bluetooth headset so I could leave the phone on the windowsill for a signal.
The signal is rubbish in all the bars/shops down town too.

I had an Orange contract in NI which gave excellent coverage, on being posted to Blandford in 2003 the Orange signal was non-existent. I voted with my feet and switched at no cost to myself to another Network provider which shall not be named but they currently sponsor Ferrari F1.

Get a life, or a different phone provider, you think orange give a flying f@ck about your survey
Get a life, or a different phone provider, you think orange give a flying f@ck about your survey
Terrible in the Sgts Mess too. Obviously doesn't help being located down a hill.

I moved to O2 for a while and it was a huge improvement, however I'm back on Orange now and each time I go to Blandford it's like a comms black hole. Oh the irony.
I consider the whole Vodafone v Orange thing a conspiracy! My duty 'phone is Vodaphone and it works everywhere dammit - I even dropped it in the toilet, drove my car over it, it still works. Maybe if the duty phones supplied were Orange the signal would mysteriously strengthen just so that those of us on call a lot could be dragged from our beds at 03:00hrs. Obviously, I am not a techie!! :evil:
Switch to Vodaphone, have never had a drama with Voda no matter where i was in the UK, no matter how remote or obscure the camp/ base/ training area and also roams to virtually every country I have been to... except the Falklands, which has no mobile phone operator, well at least did not when i was there in 2002 ish!!
Benny's now got GSM thanks to Cable & Wireless and Alvarion kit. So his fat daughter can have a pink Moto RAZR that plays the Pussycat Dolls, just like Kerrianne and Chaz in Chavsville.

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