Serious Topic About Afghan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pub_Regular, May 8, 2008.

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  1. Yes. Sign me up now

  2. Willing to go if my boss will allow

  3. Support not needed

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  4. I support Gordon Brown on everything

  1. I have just spent another evening in the bar with some mates from 'ex-them' and the subject came up about Afghan.

    The bottom line is my mates say they, and friends, are willing to go to Afghan to stag on on camp to free troops up to do the business on the ground. They are even willing to go for no pay. I agree entirely (having done 24 years service to the Queen).

    My question is, (for ex-servicemam), would you be willing to go and stag-on in Helmand to give real support to our troops by taking on the basic jobs to give them a decent break and get some kip?

    PM me if you want to keep answer shtum.
  2. I know a 58 year-old-guy who signed up to go work in the mess hall over there because he wanted to do his bit.
  3. Quite a few lads who have been out for years (a few in their fifties) have served in Iraq and Afghanistan as regular reservists. Why not take the plunge and give Glasgow a call to find out about mobilisation? They can only say yes or no...
  4. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I fear the difference is that Glasgow would want you to stag on in Gloucestershire freeing up some squaddie there to go and do the business over in the stan.

    Speaking personally, I'd be quite up for it. As long as they didn't ask me to run a BFT.. And the RSM called me by my first name. And I didn't have to first parade another L/R ever.
  5. :? No Pay! Bloody Hell thats a bit extreme isn't it?
  6. CONLOG springs to mind.
  7. Yes, but Id need pay. Some of us still have a mortgage to pay....
  8. I would be willing to serve again if it meant that a squaddie could have more time on leave. However, I think that the government would just use it to their own ends. So F. Em, (the government and not the troops).

    I am shocked to have woken up into a country where I despise my government. How did that happen?