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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rajaz, Sep 12, 2004.

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  1. Jackson flies to Iraq to placate troops
    By Sean Rayment, Defence Correspondent, Daily Telegraph.
    (Filed: 12/09/2004)

    General Sir Mike Jackson, the Army's most senior officer, has flown to Iraq in a bid to quell the rising anger of British troops furious at the revelation that 19 soldiers face allegations of murder and brutality.

    The Telegraph has learnt that senior officers believe that the unprecedented number of investigations into troops' behaviour is creating a fear of prosecution among soldiers that undermines the Army's operational effectiveness.

    The visit by Sir Mike, the Chief of the General Staff, begins today and follows the disclosure that a further three soldiers, all from the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, are expected to be charged with murder this week.

    The charges follow the court appearance last Tuesday of Trooper Kevin Williams, 21, a member of the same regiment, who is accused of murdering an Iraqi lawyer in August last year.

    Although the General's visit was scheduled before details of the charges became public knowledge, it is understood that he intends personally to assure soldiers that they have his full support.

    It is believed that he will tell troops that the Army's rules of engagement have been created to safeguard their individual security and protect them from prosecution.

    The three soldiers from the 2RTR facing murder charges have been under investigation for several months. It is alleged that they shot dead an Iraqi civilian after he attacked Sgt Steve Roberts at a checkpoint outside the southern town of Az Zubayr on the fourth day of the war in Iraq.

    Sgt Roberts died after he was struck by bullets fired from a British tank. He had earlier been ordered to hand his body armour to another soldier who had none.

    It is understood that the investigation, which was conducted by the Special Investigation Branch of the Royal Military Police, was initially undertaken to try to establish how Sgt Roberts had died.

    The file on his death was passed to the Army Prosecuting Authority and then to the Crown Prosecution Service, whose lawyers are understood to have recommended murder charges against three soldiers. It is alleged that the soldiers killed the Iraqi after he ceased to pose a threat to Sgt Roberts.

    A senior Army officer said: "We are in grave danger of creating a culture in the Army where soldiers are too scared to open fire because they fear that if they make a mistake they will face prosecution. Soldiers are trained to react instinctively to events and these investigations are undermining that quality.

    "There is a big difference between a soldier who carries out an illegal execution and one who mistakenly kills a person while they are carrying out what he believes is his duty."

    The Ministry of Defence refused to comment yesterday.
  2. Neo

    Neo Clanker

    do they think this doesn't already exist, fools!!!! "we will support you all the way" they tell us until something happens and then it's "why did you shoot?"

    No faith in the system at all sorry!
  3. The ROEs that we are governed by are, at the very least, diabolical!

    These are written by Lawyers with one eye on the Human Rights bill. It is total ball0cks that these guys from the RTR are facing murder charges.

    Lawyers will never know what these and countless other guys face whilst under threat.

    PC and the Human rights bill! Total ball0cks! Highjacked by the left and TBLiars grinning goon of a wife :evil:
  4. It pains me. It pains me more being ex 2RTR.
  5. The ROE are based on the ordinary laws of the land . They are a simple reminder of what the law says regarding the use of force. The law says that those who use force will be judged according to the circumstances at the time. It also allows for actions taken in the heat of the moment. There is no question, therefore, of soldiers who use lethal force in a combat situation in Iraq being judged as though they'd done the same thing in a peaceful English high street.

    What are we saying here; soldiers should be given complete immunity from prosecution for whatever they do in an operational environment? We don't know the full facts of these cases, so we're not in a position start judging.
  6. Yeah and Blair said there were WMD's and Hoon said ALL the troops had ALL the right kit.

    Oh look flying pigs :roll: