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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Aug 8, 2013.

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  1. Whilst zooming around the country this morning being successful, I had the radio on 5live in the car. They were talking about pregnant women or something but what caught my attention was "Katie Donovan of Mumsnet" as a source and pundit.

    So how come we never have Porridge Gun of Arrse to give his radio opinion on the pressing matters of the day? Seems a tad unfair to me

    This sig block purposefully left blank
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  2. Don't forget we had that dire Clare Fucking MacNaughton as the PR face of Arrse for several years. Our pundit kudos is even now being rebuilt...
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  3. Because tales of wanking, getting pissed, SLR's and sheds are hardly the best reaction to the daily news.
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  4. I can see two stumbling blocks for polite discourse on the radio, the words porridge-gun and aarse being just for a start, there are sensitive souls out there you know?
  5. If this is her then I reckon she ticks most of the boxes. MILF or FILF?


    Like a well run in Florence Welch!
  6. No. AMMM looks like a chav. Particularly in a black pork pie hat.
  7. Well someone had to do it.
  8. AMMM's hubby did it as well, just not legally
  9. Ah! AMMM is the Glorious Leader of MUMSNET? That explains everything!

    I'd still climb on if I didn't have a busty bisexual 26 year old love kitten waiting for my attention though. She looks quite feisty!
  10. Her hair prompts a mental image of her standing on a street-corner, barefoot, at midnight, in the sleet. Not necessarily offering to fellate passersby for the price of a rock of crack.
  11. Maybe I'm just looking at her picture and thinking of Florence. I have been drinking and I am in the mood....

    Clearly Florence doesn't look as well "lived in" although she certainly would if I got my way!

  12. Oi! I saw her first! Actually, I could amuse myself with Clare Bowditch first, then we could swap once we'd had our snuffling stoatish way with them.


  13. Think of your blood pressure!
  14. You have quite a disturbing imagination.

    You also forgot to mention the tear stained makeup and discrete bruises.

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