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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by oldbooty, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. I have to find out how much EXTRA fuel a C130H would use when flying a 2.5 tonne weight 825 miles as opposed to one that was 2.5 tonnes lighter.
    Now this isnt for a bet this is real. Bear in mind I am now a civvie and the only thing I know about herculeses is that they are horrible, the heating is either furnace hot or not on and I have been sick in them loads of times.
    any ideas or are you all in the dark too? :?:
  2. Why would you need to know if you're now a civvy?
  3. Because he is going to strip the extra weight out and get a non-flying C130 back into the air like they did with the Vulcan. C'mon, help the man!!
  4. If you must know I am writing An Environmental Impact assessment for shifting some kit to the Antarctic from Punta arenas.
    therefore the differential figure is needed cos the plane is going anyway I need to quote the fuel our 2.5 tonnes will need to get it there to keep the bunny huggers happy.

    not ALL civvie jobs are boring.
    cos Im going with it!
  5. You need to use the fuel to weight to distance travelled calculator.

    What height would he be travelling at and would he be above the sea or above land.

    Would the load be at the front of the aircraft or at the back, internal or external?

    I've used my calculator to work it out and taken an average of all possible perameters.

    The result is 'alot'

    Graph here:


    Hope this helps......

    But compared to mounting it on a set of shopping trolley castors and pushing it up hill I guess the extra fuel bill would be worth it.

    I take it you have designed a new, lighter 'scran bag' for the aircrew?
  6. Fair Do's. You might have better luck on that E-goat thingy. It's a Crab Loady type question. Not many Herc Pilots or Loadys around these parts, I shouldn't think.
  7. Don't ask on e-goat. PPRUNE is where the real aircrew hang out although you will only be able to get a very approximate answer for the cruise phase. Local/en route met, standard instrument departure details to name but 2 will all affect your figures.

    However, why not just ask the crew/contractor who owns the Herc in question?

    Good luck!

  8. cos the herc is a chilean airforce one and they are reluctant to discuss details in case I am an Argie spy.
  9. Oh and by the way MDN I actually believed you for about 1 nano second
  10. I can see why the Chilean AF would not want to let the Argies find out what the fuel burn was on their own virtually identical C-130s!!! Goucho muppets!

    Ask on PPRUNE!
  11. I need to calculate the fuel load for an old dakota to fly myself and approximatley 30 mercenaries plus one small underweight ex president of a failing African country from a small dirt aistrip in the bush, to South africa,

    points to note are several of the mecenaries are injured and will die so can be jettisoned along with all our weapons and haversack rations i would imagine just losing 30 pork pies would gain us some extra 200 miles, I'll be smoking a huge cuban cigar, and will be carrying several rounds in my leg.

    If you could let me know ASAP because i've got 500 angry simbas on my tail and an irate Catholic priest to deal with.


    Sean Fynn.
  12. Lt Fynn, thats just ludicrous, you are jumping from an aeroplane not a whore house window!

    Do it again.

  13. I'm glad this thread was brought up, I also need some fuel calculations for a JU-88 to fly myself and two colleagues plus a suspected collaborator from an airfield in Nazi Germany back to the UK, the collaborator will not be making the whole trip, as i intend to out him as a spy mid flight and give him no option but to "leave us" so to speak.

    Thanks in advance

    Major Jonathan smith MC (Broadsword to my mates)
  14. I'm about to leave her and travel back to 1982 and make my way to a top secret soviet airstrip to swipe a Mig 31 Firefox...

    I will have to stop on the polar icecap and probably do a bit of air to air combat en route....

    Anyone now the price of Avgas in Godthab

    Major Mitchell Gant (USAF)
    Clint to my close oppos
  15. Brilliant! Any room for some more? :D Just tell MDN, OH&H etc that there's loads of desperate birds that only go down there to breed and they'll be with you like a shot!