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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Biscuits_Brown, Mar 1, 2005.

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  1. Although I can quite understand that people may think otherwise...

    --- What would it take to happen in Britain before your reaction to a representative of state would be a bullet in the head rather than a cheery greeting?
  2. The way this country is progressing, not much from the current state of affairs
  3. Restrictions of movement within & without the country.
    Repression of the media(even if they ARE tossers).
    Suspension of Parliament.
    ID cards.

    Most of the others have already happened :(
  4. If they replace HM the Queen on the stamps with Posh Spice ..
  5. This was brought about by a discussion in the pub (as if you hadn't guessed) on the "frog in a saucepan" method of effecting dictatorship.
  6. we have that in the military already!!
  7. I'm off to buy ammo tomorrow...... anyone got a spare a to z of london?
  8. The 5 Rules of Bliar.

    1. Don't think.

    2. If you do think, don't speak.

    3. If you think and speak, don't write.

    4. If you think, speak and write, don't sign.

    5. If you think, spead, write and sign, don't be surprised.

    Anyone for cynicism? :wink:
  9. I know I'm going to regret this but what is the "Frog in a saucepan" method?
  10. If you have a pan of boiling water and you throw a frog into it, it'll hop out.
    If you put it in cold water then put the pan on the stove it'll swim about until it boils.

    likewise with politics. If you have a coup and declare a totalitarian regime say, people will rebel. But slowly introduce measures that amount to the same thing and it'll go unnoticed until it's too late.....

    So I was wondering, amonst people who realise that, at what point do you say "enough".
  11. Now...........
  12. I believe though that it's rather too late to do anything by normal democratic means.
    All the major parties are in broad agreement with regard to matters related to civil liberties. Differing only on the implementation.

    However I don't think we're yet at the point at which one could realistically expect to take passive or active activism on to the streets and be seen as a liberator or as a part of a popular movement.
  13. Blair is a fascist. It's a fact. He and his government stifle any valid criticism. If anyone criticises then they are immediately ostracised or subject to a smear campaign. But what can you expect when we elect virtually an entire house of commons full of trained lawyers.

    Let's face it - lawyers are trained to lie. They lie to achieve a victory for their client. Likewise they lie to make themselves more powerful and consolidate their party's grip on our country. And they make the "other guy" (i.e. anyone they want to discredit) the scapegoat for pretty much anything.

    Labour Party - Tony Blair - trained barrister
    Conservative Party - Michael Howard - trained barrister
    Liberal Democrats - Charles Kennedy - trained solicitor
    Veritas - that smarmy orange-coloured prick - total w@nker

    Are you surprised that the country's so angry when we have lawyers telling us what to think. These are the same type of people who try to bribe us with "no win no fee" while lining their own pockets.

    Come the revolution brothers - the first ones to get shot should be the legal fraternity. They're not real people - not OF the people. The house of commons should be representative of the people but it's not - it's representative of the arrogant thieves who are ripping off honest, hard working people like us!

    Anyway...I should really get off that fence.

  14. Only after estate agents :wink:
  15. Lawyers: the untermensch of the ARRSE revolution.

    Can we slowly take away their rights as subjects of her majesty and give them the chance to jump ship (pref to France) before we "solve" them? Let them see how they've buggered up our lives. :D