Serious question re girls and martial arts

I know that asking anything about martial arts can bring out the macho factor, but would welcome any reasoned advice.

Looking at the delightful world in which we live in, where nutters offer excuses such as "I didn't kill her, honest your honour - I just came across her dead body and had sex with it..." (and other cases too numerous to mention), I would like a certain little apple of my eye to receive some form of training.

I'm quite clear that, by and large, the best form of self defence against a sweating rapist is to be somewhere else, depart the scene at high speed, live in the US and whip out your trusty magnum, etc etc etc, but, all other things being equal, if a young lady were to end up cornered by said perv, what do we in arrse think would be the best training to have had?

I'm wondering about something like a - well run - kick-boxing club. Primarily because there's the full contact element that means she won't freeze like a rabbit at the shock of being slapped, should the worst ever happen. (Again, yes, I'm clear that a proper right hook from the average bloke will lay almost any girl out - we're talking percentages, a bit of luck and a following wind here...) It will also teach her to get her legs into the fight, which are going to be a darn sight stronger than girlie arms.

She's still too young to even start, but I'm thinking that if this can become a healthy hobby from about 8 onwards, I've at least given her health, self-discipline and a fighting chance. If nothing else, she'll be able to brush off cr@p chat-up lines in style...


All depends on the person and what they like at that age, let her try lots of different classes before she chooses.
But at that age teaching her to run away and scream would be good to.
I hear Krav Maga and Sambo are both good for self defence.

My own gut reaction would be that martia arts, there are many variants to choose from, would be better on the basis that an important element is personal development as well as profisiency and skill, and in many ways the personal development element is more likely to help the frozen rabbit syndrome.
To be fair, any sort of training would be better than none.

In my youth I did judo, and 2 styles of Karate (Tang soo do, and Shotokan).

I enjoyed all of them, but I prefered Tang Soo Do out of the 2 karate disciplines, as it is more fluid, not so rigid as the traditional Shotokan. This made for a more realistic sparring training/competition fight.

There are lots and lots of martial arts out there though. It may be worth sitting dowm, going through them, and seeing what she would enjoy doing.
She doesn't need to be a ninja.

Just some form of education on where to be and not to be, etc. a bit of situation awareness. A bit of of parental love too, not smothering but little things like picking her up from the dives she may have to frequent.

Kick boxing maybe, but there are some good Self Defence classes out there that could teach her skills that could count in a less rigid setting.

Having said that, it is still a pretty rare occurance.
I can only reccommend one martial art if you're serious about a woman defending herself. Ju Jitsu. Best of all, do two... that and a more kung-fu / Karate based one for experience of getting in attacks at kicking / punching range.

In todays world, often any confrontation is going to be up close and personal. Obviously we all like the idea of taking out a gang of scrotes with a well timed combo and roundhouse kick to the head but it just aint gonna happen.

Ju Jitsu is an very useful art, in that it explores the area that most dont, i.e. get em in a grapple and break them. Most others emphasise getting hits in first. It's sort of like Judo but less sport based. Many of the moves in both are the same. It's tough and brutal, and injuries are not uncommon ( hmm not sure I want my babies doing this ! :) ) ( I'm not sure on my facts, but I'm pretty sure that the winner of the Kumite competition was for many years an exponent of Ju-Jitsu )

There's going to be a wealth of other people's experience that you'll be offered on this I'm sure. At higher levels of ability there isnt much to differentiate between many of the fighting styles. A Black belt in any style, be it TaeKwondo, Karate, Kung Fu etc... will know many of the same moves, albeit by different names. From experience, my personal fave was kung fu, as it was a slightly softer style, a little more fluid and the traditional methods, rather than the ones emphasing kick boxing, can teach some seriously brutal moves for most circumstances.

Just so you know I'm not walting, I did 8 years of Lau Gar Kungfu, retiring hurt at purple sash ( 2 before black sash in that style ) + a couple of years Tae Kwondo, Shotokan Karate and Aikido.

The out and out best system would I'm sure be something taught specifically for the purpose, perhaps ex special forces training etc... but that's not likely to be too attractive to a young lady ( got two myself so pondering the same question ). Something that is going to each headbutting, scratching, biting and the other methods / weapons that become appropriate when your life is on the line... isnt exactly going to sit well with young princesses ! :)

A real world example... One of the women I used to train with and was a higher grade than me was beaten up 1v1 in a club. The cause of her downfall was that she got hit in the face and froze, got caught in a grapple on the floor and had the crap beaten out of her. ( it was another women she was fighting... little angel ! ) Had she have done ju jitsu, then I believe the grapple would have ended up very differently.

One last thing ( I could type pages on the subject... ) There's a real danger for anyone who learns a martial art to inflate their capabilities in their mind. For the training to become insticntive takes many years of training so that it over-rides the natural instinct in us all to either run or wade in like a windmill. This is doubly so when we have zero notification of an attack. That's a real danger period for anyone... Oh yes, that and the fact that there's always someone better ! :)

On the upside, if you find a good club, it doesnt matter what the art is. It's great fun and burns of a shed load of excess energy so it's all good :)

Hope that my waffle isnt too boring. I hope you get lots of useful info to help you make a decision. More importantly I hope that neither your or my princesses ever experience the need to use something like this for real...

Krav Maga is the way to go. (Think "Milling with deadly intent") All the various "self defence"things that I have read about or done have stressed the "must never be used on anyone" approach. The trouble is that idea sticks in a persons mind and, come the evil day that they really need to get stuck in, they aren't able to perform.

Krav Maga CLICKY

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Fcuk all this ninja stuff.

Teach her how to wind mill.

If she has keys in her hand, tell her to make 'em count.
I practice aikido and there are a number of youngsters at the club I go to. It is a good martial art for kids as it is more about turning the opponents movement against them rather than full on contact.

Mrs Rodney2q likes it because one of the strong points is learning how to get out of the way of incoming attacks. :D

In my experience kids pick it up very quickly and it is good physical exercise as well.

As far as the youngsters are concerned it does appear to work. One of the teenage lads at my club told me that when he started at a new school a couple of years back one of the school bullies had a go at him. He threw the bully and slammed him on the deck. A few days later he heard that the word had gone round not to mess with him "'cos he knows karate". he's not had any problems with school bullies since then.

There are also a few guys at the club who have taken up aikido after training in judo, karate and boxing. They seem to like it.

Regarding whether or not it works - most people will not find out how they react in a fight until it happens. In my case I know that I will usually be OK if it get the first blow in but at least I don't freeze up.

The advantage in martial arts training is that you are more likely to try one of the moves you have learned rather than simply sit like a lemon and get wellied. Many of the basic aikido techniques will get out of the way of the attack and unbalance or throw the opponent and give you time to start running the other way. From my own experience I find that rather than giving me a false idea of my ability, in potentially dangerous situations I will be considering factors like space to move, avoiding being pinned in a corner, looking for exits etc.

...and there is something very satisfying about slamming a bigger opponent very hard into the mat.

Oh yes, all the youngsters at my club are very nice, bright, motivated kids - not the dead end losers you see hanging round in the streets. Martial arts are great confidence builders for youngsters and I'd recommend them to any youngster. I just wish I'd started a lot earlier than I did.


SImple. Teach her how to stick both her thumbs in the eyes of a would be attacker. Inform her that they are like slightly tougher grapes and will eventually burst when pushed.

I put it to any man to get a hard on or have any motor functions after having atleast one eye burst! :twisted:

Put it this way atleast his japs eye wont be involved!
Letterwritingman said:
Krav Maga, brutal but very effective, no Kataas(?) or whatever to learn rote just simple natural reactions exaggerated and mostly aimed at eyes and goolies.
The only thing is the Krav world much like the ninjutsu world is "Heavily" infected by Walts!

Both would be an excellent choice for this blokes apple to train in but its finding a good class, with a good instructor and decent training partners!

Plus I suspect she is a little young to do this to any great affect.
Rodney2q said:
As far as the youngsters are concerned it does appear to work. One of the teenage lads at my club told me that when he started at a new school a couple of years back one of the school bullies had a go at him. He threw the bully and slammed him on the deck.

My pal, who is ex 42, taught his son to defend himself against bullies. The boy (age 14) knocked some brat (age 16+) clean over a car. Unfortunately, the 3 punches were witnessed by a Rozzer.
Now the lad may be done for ABH.
So that's another thing to keep in mind...
Fox Jr began Judo at 5. I was told that Judo is recommended for young children as it has no punches or kicks & is therefore better suited to children whose bones are still soft in comparison to an adult's.

A good, well run club with instructors who are well qualified would be good grounding & your daughter may be keen enough to keep it going as she grows.

Fox Jr gave up after 2 years because the trainer was not really geared up for children, his methods were more for teenagers & adults. Kids need proper lesson plans & some games to break up the instruction, otherwise they get fractious. Fox Jr.'s instructor failed to grasp this & now most of the club's younger members have left, which is a shame.

Good Luck !
Or become a Krav Magna instructor himself and take jap slapping to a whole new level.

and teach the kid.
Krav maga is a top discipline but it lacks the rigour and spiritual (yes..I know...jap-slapping pooftahs...blah-blah...heard it all before) elements of one of the traditional oriental arts. My daughter, currently five, will be learning aikido. It isn't macho, you don't get pumped up steroid abusers in blue gi teaching it and it is better suited to the ballet-dancing, daintier members of the Cuddlesian family.

No, not me! The fenianette, I gave up ballet when I was eleven and took up Shotokan!