Serious question ARMY MUSICIAN.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by datumhead, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. O.K., I believe you can join as an army musician upto 36yrs11mnths.

    My questions are:

    1. do you have to be able to play anything?

    2. can I join, do basic and, no offence to any musicians, bugger off to another corps?

    PLEASE... :?

    Tried using the army web-shite, (recent UPGRADE?????) but it's broken.
  2. If you want to join another unit, why join as a musician?

    You could always pretend to be a virtuoso on the triangle though.
  3. You're not too far over the official max, have you tried asking at your local ACIO?

    Edited to add quote.
  4. Oh yes! my how the young boy in green laughed...... :oops:

    he actually asked me if I was after something for "my lad" :x

    Nearly punched him.....quickly rethought that one. :D
  5. You could always try one of the other services (RN recruit till 40 I think), or join the TA and try to get in through an S-type engagement later.

    Best of luck.

  6. Thanks for that T_T.

    Are there any recruiting bods on here? Can any of you gentlemen give me the "book answer"? :?
  7. ask James Blunt , the best Musician the Army has produced. Although I dont think marching to "You're Beautiful" is the way forward.
  8. The TA has got to be the best option. There are enough Ops going on to give you a full-time committment!

    I'm not sure about the musician thing though.....not much call in Kandahar or Basra!
  9. just want a way in.... :D

    fnarrrr :wink:
  10. Really depends on whether you can drum up any support from a band willing to take you.

    Get to your ACIO and enquire but at 35 you'll probably need to blow your own trumpet mate.
  11. :D
  12. Datdumhead, you've been on ARRSE now since last year and asked about joining the ACF, the TA and now the regulars. Don't you think it's about time you got off your butt and went to the ACO and actually did something about it?
  13. ok, sorry! :oops:

    T.A. application is moving along :D , like tar on a cold day :( , but just wondering if there was any way of goin reg. 8)

    p.s. how's sarah jane? the last vid she/he sent me was....... 8O