serious question about the Information Minister


In all seriousness, is he on a list of war criminals?


P.S. No doubt arrse readers will be able to provide a list of charges for which he could be 'tried' ;)


American Troops have been issued with playing cards with war criminals faces and names on them as an aid to recognising and capturing them.

Already Al-Sadi, the seven of diamonds in the decks, has gave himself up to US forces in Baghdad.

No guesses which card 'Comical ali' will be on ;D


Quote from
No, MSS did not surface again yesterday. However we are now stunned to hear that he was not fortunate enough to have been honored with the inclusion of his increasingly popular image in the "Death Pack" of cards distributed to coalition forces. We agree with NBC news which called him "curiously absent."

can we start a campaign?
True to form, the Observer can't even have a semi-humerous article in it without pontificating the liberal line on sanctions.  ::)
Did he not even make 'The joker' in the pack of cards ?

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