Serious question about American Bush

Hold on lets do the check list:

Female Yep
Pulse Yep
Can grasp hands behind whilst in a hug (Optional) Yep

Ticks all the boxes, so it's one Bush I want to get inside.
Mr_Deputy said:
yes yes yes - think how naive she is.

" do all the girls do that? yeah? ok then. "

"will it really make me live longer if my friend Cindy kisses me there while you watch us? Oh ok I'll get her to come round tmrrw."

"will all the puppies in the world really die if I don't get you all that money? oh ok. I'll call my bank now and transfer it to your's. I really like puppies alot."
I think you have not studied the picture well enough and are judging the decidedly dirty and worldly looking Daughter by her Dad.

After all the caption is perfect because she obviously looks like one of natures strumpets yet the Secret Service protection etc must have made her 'urges' rather difficult.

I would say a very enthusiastic filly indeed

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