Serious Q, Could I use an electric shaver?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Leftover, Aug 1, 2008.

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  1. But have an ordianry one for locker inspections?
  2. Are you looking for permission or opinion?
  3. I think he's saying, would it be allowed or would they just tell him to get a regular one.
  4. Whats wrong with a manly razor? :D
  5. Id say something but perturbed might get the outrage bus out again
  6. Then let me say it for you mate.

    Of course you can ... and don't bother bringing the wet shave razor for inspections, the training staff will fully understand that's what you use, so that's what you show. You should however keep it in a vanity case (preferably floral as it's close to DPM) along with your hair dryer, nostril hair remover and manicure set.

    ... but then again ... what did it say to bring on the fcuking list?
  7. Do you mean to keep the electric shaver hidden? :D Are you daft.

    Just take 2 wet shavers, one that you will never use for inspections and the other for daily use.
  8. D'ya think?


  9. Nah, I think its a viable question. If you don't have a full on beard going on (which a lot of people don't at 16 or so) then it would save some time having a quick buzz with an electric shaver.
  10. Lol alright then, I'll use an ordinary shaver then, and I didn't get a list :(
  11. While I am not qualifed to speak In Behalf Of *Them*, general concensus seems to be, having blowdrier, manicure set and electric razor in your locker that is been officially inspected is not going to give you favourable view in eyes of those doing that inspection. :twisted:

    What you have in your personal possession, is bit different. :D

    But then, you MIGHT have missed this topic:
  12. Ok, you didn't get a kit list ... yet.

    You need a wet shaver and you will need to use it and get used to using it. It doesn't matter whether you are a 16 year old with bum fluff or a 30 year old who resembles Desperate Dan. If your beard grows slowly you might get away with a shave every other day. If you keep a battery/electric shaver in your personal possesions and use that then fine but then you are not getting used to wet shaving.

    You are joining the British Army which is a "field" army. You will have to live and survive in the field for [potentially] unlimited periods of time. And there ain't no powerpoint/shaver sockets/battery resupply in your hole in the ground for your shaver.

    Don't get too influenced by what you see on TV ... bearded soldiers patrolling in Afghanistan ... most theatres of operation you will be required to shave daily both in barracks and in the field.
  13. I can use a normal one, because I use one now, I just wanted a cool electric one, but never mind I'll stick with the normal one.
  14. Make sure it's a good razor but there really is no point splashing out on an electric one keep your beer tokens in your pocket
  15. So why the fuck did you waste everyones time with this bone thread? Why the fuck did you not title it "If I use an electric shaver in basic will I look cool?" so that everyone could have ignored it and it could have been sent straight to the hole.

    Get to Fukwitistan you cunt.