Serious Organised Crime Agency

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Danny_Dravot, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. SOCA goes IOC in Apr.

    Any rumours regarding recruitment, career structures yet etc?

    My understanding is it will be a law enforcement agency seperate from police...
  2. Just had a quick look myself out of sheer curiosity.

    You need to look on the NCIS website, though at present they're not recruiting due to the change in April.

    Keep looking for updates.
  3. If you know anyone in any of the "precurrsor" agencies, I would make sure you are registered with ICAREC if you are interested. However, the pattern looks like they will have to make do with what they have got, to start with.

    Does that sound familiar?
  4. I looked at an NCIS app form to get an idea. Basically, most people in the Corps should be able to tick yes and give examples for everything they are looking for. The clincher is they also say you may need to be vetted, and require extra vetting for some positions which could take in access of 3 months - but if you already have vetting, as we do, thats a billy bonus as they wont have to pay or wait, just get your details.
  5. I've heard that there can be issues when transfering vetting from one government agency to another. I'm not sure of the details, someone out there will be able to confirm or deny...
  6. Yep I have heard that too. Stories along the lines of a serviceman doing the job one day in uniform, then leaving the service and doing exactly the same job the next day as a civvie but having to get totally re-vetted again! Well thats money well spent isn't it.
  7. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    The Serious Organised Crime Agency, as opposed to the Frivolous Disorgainised Crime Agency. It's allegedly the UK's answer to the FBI.

    SOCA is a merger of the Serous Crime Squad, NCIS, and the National Investigation Service of HM Customs and Excise (as was). The staff are all vetted already. Their vesting day is 01 April, and they apparently still have to finalise all of the conditions of service. Police conditions differ in many respects to those of the Civil Service.

    The head of the agency was involved with one of the security services.
  8. ^ It can happen, there have been some changes, but having said that you're still at a definite advantage opposed to a bloke who's applied who's only (say) got an SC.
  9. It's Mr. Lander, that's open-source. The head of ops is ex-police.
  11. ^ Who else? I forgot he was knighted.
  12. A mate of mine went to a Govt Agency late last year and they transferred his vetting satus. So it can be done.
  13. I know it can be transferred, but I've also heard that DVA won't divulge some individuals' clearances as some government agencies don't need to know what you know. Not that I fall into that category, I can tell anybody how boring my job is. :)
  14. DVA not worth the paper its written on. Not only is it seen as mickey mouse, but the other govt depts will want to focus on different aspects that they might consider more important/ carry greater weight. It might allow be treated as a baseline SC, but it could still take 3-4mths to get the full monty after that. One week to do 3mths sitting at the bottom of an in-tray.

    More importantly; does anyone know if there are possibilities for freelance IT work going?

    :D :?:
  15. Thank you for Verses 15 - 18 of the gospel according to Thames House. I'm sure there are one or two in the DVA who could present you with an alternative view there. Certainly, there is no resentment of the fact that DVA vett close to half of all of those in UK govt, a significant proportion of those from non-defence agencies. Their turn-around times have increased tremendously in the past few years and continue to improve.

    Which is more that can be said for some other agencies seeking to protect their precious turf. The significant area of delay lies with another agency, who are probably only doing the job "properly".

    I can let you have the phone number of the DVA's customer services manager, if you really feel that national security is in such jeapordy.

    With the Cabinet Office review of personal security about to emerge from the long grass, perhaps some of the Curzon Street gurnsey and twinset mafia are starting to worry how they are going to cope with a weekly commute to York!!
    < Is York Town or Country? Will I need tweeds?>

    Bring on the NAO :!: :wink: