Serious Legal Question.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. The question is ... If it could be proved in a court of law that this coalitions austerity programme is being directly responsible for causing people to commit suicide, could David Cameron then be charged with manslaughter ?

    This is a reference to a discussion on the BBC Radio 2 Jeremy vine programme which was aired on Thursday 26th July to which a woman claimed that 91 people in the UK have already sadly committed suicide as a direct result of this governments wild austerity programme.
  2. Is this a direct question, or are you just asking for advice? Do you have lawyers in your world, or would you rather ask a load of internet freaks? Are you just doing this for attention and to cause an argument? Is the moon made of cheese?
  3. You should go straight to Downing Street and make a citizen's arrest for breach of section 4.1 of the Magna Carta and for breach of the entire Doomesday Book.

    Speak first to the armed police at the entrance gate. By law, they have to let you in to Dave's bedroom to make the arrest. To emphasise the seriousness of the situation, you should dress all in black with sunglasses and a balaclava. Wear a bulky coat, especially if it's hot.

    Also, make sure to carry a Wii controller in your right hand with the wire running up your coat sleeve. That's a secret Masonic sign that will show the heavily armed police that you are OK.

    Good luck citizen. I wish we had a few more like you.
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  4. No.
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  5. Well if Cameroon is liable then Brown is Toast.

    And Tone dear Tone ?

  6. What he said. I am not a UK attorney but the US sort. In 1947 Parliament restricted traditional common law Crown Immunity by enactment of the Crown Proceedings Act of 1947. The act permits suits against the government for actions of contract and tort. It would not permit actions arising from public policy actions as they would appear to be immune as governmental policy.

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  7. If I type "PMSL at your post" can I sue you for a new pair of shreddies?
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  8. Can I punch someone who wakes me up for stag within 15 sec and be acquitted as I am still asleep.
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  9. Yes - if they haven't brought you a cup of tea.

    "What's missing from this picture?"
  10. Well, lets look at it like this. Should not Blair be charged for the said suicides as it was him and his parties policies that forced the austerity program in the first place? Its all about accountability and Labour is accountable for the mess that the current government is trying to sort out.
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  11. Yes you can. Also its qualifies you also to write in your own shite MASSIVE CAAAAAAAANT on No10's door.

    I have given you serious enough answer for your question, as it has to be measured as it is absolute drivel.

    Furthermore, arrsehole.....

    Do I win £5?
  12. I think that the thread's title is misleading. There is nothing 'serious' about such a stupid question
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  13. Talking of arrseholes..... Hiya xxx
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  14. I should have stopped reading at "Jeremy Vine"
  15. If he could ensure that you're one of them, I'd shake his bloody hand!