Serious knee injury. Get a posting whilst in rehab?

Hi all, i recently buggered up my ACL and cartilage playing football on PT, ive got to have surgery and after looking on t'internet it apparently takes 6 to 9 months for an athlete to recover from it.

My question is, do you guys reckon i could get a posting to somewhere whilst i am injured where i could be of more use (im infantry and sod all use to anyone at the moment) and has anyone on here been in a similar situation and had it resolved?



becareful you dont get the attention of APC you dont wont a brown letter coming your way. dont get posted with an injury as the recieving unit does not get a fit man to replace the one they lost. Then the admin bullying comes your way, threats to get fit, hurry up and get fit, people looking at you like a biff. I know from first hand what it is like. If you are well respected in your current unit, they will make allowances for you that your new unit wouldnt.

Stay where you are, as you may feel useless at the moment, try and find another dept in your unit volunteer to go there, you might see more of your unit from a different perspective making you a more employable soldier.
I agree with armadillo on this one, having had acl surgery myself i suggest staying with your battalion but pushing for course's when your recovery allows. Hopefully you'll have an understanding staff who will see the sense in helping you develop your career rather than just chucking you in the stores.
cheers for the response guys, my only issue is that the boss is already trying to push me to get fit, and has a low tolerance for "sickies", personally i just want to be off the radar and kept busy while i recover.


It is possible, my Bn posted me when I was downgraded as it was either go away for two years where I could sort myself out or stay on rear party getting fucked around from pillar to post for 7 months.

Your best bet would be to speak to you boss or RCMO and see what options might be open to you. There are plenty of places where they wouldn't mind not having fully fit soldiers as long as you can do the job you're there to do a storeman at a trg regiment for example.
The important point here is not to rush your recovery. I had my ACL, PCL and LCL replaced 3 months back and it takes bloody ages to get over. I'm infantry also and it is rubbish being of no use to anyone.

However, if possible it is essential to communicate to your CoC that it will take a long time to come back - you are not malingering. Try and speak to your MO so that he can put this over for you; it is a tricky thing to say yourself, given that everyone always tries to pretend they are fine.

I would echo the other responses - best to stay with your unit where they know you. There must be some relevant courses that might help your Bn but don't need you to be running around. Languages? Psyops? Int?

Remember that if you try and rush your recovery, you will be of no use for longer.
All of the above. Do not rush your recovery to please the boss, you will only lose out in the long run. Make it known you want to work and recover as soon as the injury will allow. Do not allow yourself to be stigmatised as a biff chit admin case. This is one of many reasons the RCMO was introduced. Go see him and get a copy of the interview for your PDF.

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