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Im a Corporal in the Royal Engineers serving for 11 years, I have recently been diagnosed as having M.E causing me to be made P7 HO downgrade, is there anyone else in the same situation as me? Feel as if its a career stopper for me now and don't know what to do.
Hi there,

What part of the UK r u in? there are a smattering of informed medics up and down the UK who know about ME. And many that know v little...... Please get in touch if you'd like to know more.

If they're keeping you in then you're far luckier than I was when injured.

Another if. If they're letting you stay in then you can get full service in. Civvy street will land you on the dole and benefits in a getto bedist or flat if you're lucky.
Im based in Kent, i see a civi specialist who is excellent, but being put in touch with a medic who has delt with M.E with other soldiers would be great.
Hi gingemac9,

The Breakspear Hosital in Hemel Hempsted is fab at treating the causes of ME.

Dr Daymond, Dr Munro and the team have been working on ME for decades and know their stuff. Worth it. It does cost for consultation however don't be put off many PCTs/GPs have been persuaded to treat based on their advice or fund the Breakspear directly to take on your case, as there is little ME knowledge in the NHS. There are cheaper alternatives in Cardiff and Manchester if you can travel that far?



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