Serious E-Bay Item

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by ZappBrannigan, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. Was having a nosey on E-Bay and found this-|65%3A1|39%3A1|240%3A1318
    Or just search Lynx Helicopter Simulator on E-Bay.
  2. Would have made a great stocking filler.

  3. I can just imagine the MoD would love to buy it back. :roll:

    Can anyone remember how much we flogged it for?

  4. They probably charged us £10000 to move it.

    Are you thinking of buying it yourself, does it reproduce the vibration perfectly?
  5. Buy it for the wife,wee bit more pricey than leaning against the washing machine on spin cycle though.Good to see they take Pay-Pal.
  6. I've flown many an hour in that old sim (I was even sober for a couple of them).
  7. Likewise. Would be nice to buy it just for old times sake. I'd need a bigger shed though.
  8. Is this the one with the 'glass-spikes' in the software, and the annoying lag between control input, displayed movement and platform response? The one that I threw up in on more than one occasion?
  9. Whipround anyone? would look great in my local legion...
  10. The old Detmold sim; yep. :wink:

    We could get the Museum against Army Flying to buy it. They could then rent it back to us seeings how we only have one Lynx sim now.
  11. IMHO, the asking-price is a little, optimistic, shall we say?

    F'kin heap. :D
  12. Well im making an offer of a fiver, if successful, you can have it for nothing Flashy, seeing ive no idea how to put it together.

  13. Thanks but I'd rather eat my own vital organs than have that heap of shite. Maybe the ebayer could approach Westland? No doubt they could miraculously turn it into a 'Future Lynx simulator'? All they would need to do is stick a handful of 15" LCDs in it, add a few noughts to the asking price and flog it back to us. You just know we'd buy it. :roll:
  14. MOD should have put it on a custom truck. Drive it round the country charge people to have a go/crash on it.

    Good fun, good recruiting tool, gets the army into the public by using 'fun factor'?
  15. I've left the question-mark in deliberately.

    Fun, as in spending lots of time waiting for Mal and Barney to re-boot it, or fun as in using the climbing rope to dismount it when the lads couldn't find the re-boot disk?