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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by arronmike, Mar 27, 2011.

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  1. ok guys i went away for a few hours but im back baby! WOO! anyways ive been busy reading a theasaurus and a dictionary,i also took a quick look in an encyclopedia,and ive educated myself a bit now,so im ready to talk about old people stuff with you seriously,like the economy for instance,whats the deal with that eh? LOL or maybe obama? what an idiot...HE FUCKING SUCKS when can america get a new pres,cos i wanna live in the us in the future,anyone know how much that will cost? i also fell down the stairs earlier but im alright now LOL
  2. Did you manage to read the references to Oxygen Thief? This may come in useful and will save you asking when it appears under your avatar.
  3. Mr Pres Obama is a very nice man..... just like our Ex-Dear Leaders Mr Nice Man Teflon B'Liar.... and Mr Equally Nice Man Buffoon Broone....... Matron tells me I need to take more Meds this morning as she says my Worldview of Life is way out of kilter again....

    Oooh! I am a boring fat old caaaan't............
  4. Ring any bells, shithead??
    Oxygen Thief - ARRSEpedia
  5. Six threads out of six arseholed. You are the new record holder and the new..............Fanfare..toot toot tooty toot.......

    The Holes Biggest Armpit Ever.

    What a pointless puerile slack-jawed drooling meat slapping sack of shit you are.
  6. Could not agree more, think my donkeys might like to get some exercise by kicking him into a dung heap..............
  7. Mods, please don't give him an O2 tag as he'll love it.

    Can we not just bin the twat?
  8. I sense that the Emperor Mong is strong in this one!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.