Serious comment on Naafi postings

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Little Jack H, Dec 29, 2004.

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  1. After the slatings that were flying earlier in the Naafi, thought I'd make a couple of serious suggestions here., Hopefully they will attract sensible comment in return but if I get burned at the stake, then so be it.....

    It seems to me that the question of what is a "good" or "bad" post is far too subjective to be writ in stone. As such, regardless of how you see a particular subject, you should not jump on the poster with abuse.

    There are a lot of forms of humour, all of which have space in the Naafi. Chocolate Starfish, human anatomy and sexual exploits are just three of them. Well, one, really, but who's counting? Also, there are very few professional comedians on the site and even the best posters put up complete crap sometimes.

    The simple fact is that if you don't like a post, and don't reply, that post will dissappear within hours UNLESS other users find it worth commenting on. If that happens, no one user (certainly below MOD level) has any right to judge it as "bad".

    To reply anyway with abuse, "constructive" suggestions on where to shove it, or any similar thoughts is only going to keep it alive. If it stays alive anyway, then YOU may not like it but there are people here who do. And that is called Free Speech. It is, after all, a free site ;)

    As for filling the board with 130 pages, how many of those pages are actually pages of comments attacking a "bad" thread which, on it's own, would be a single post? I'll leave the actual counting to you. But I'd guess that the MODs lives would be a lot easier if pruning just required scanning through for the "dead" threads that no-one had bothered with and cutting them?

    Ok, had my say, let's see if this thread survives by it's own rules....

  2. Fcuk off you whining lady boy cnut.
  3. Oh, thats right, all of your 129 posts have been complete quality. I forgot that.

    At least I admit to writing sheeite sometimes and admit that its not always relevant. But the stuff you write DBMk2 is utter utter utter tripe every time.

    Prove me wrong. :roll:
  4. Hmm, how do I put this? Fcuk off queen bee of the doss bag liners.
  5. Just wanted to say "HERE HERE" to Little Jacks comments.

    Some people on here have been quite mean to me through my one and i say again ONE topic on the Forum and some through PM (mainly female i might add).
    What LJH has said is true, if they want my topic to disappear then stop adding to it. If you want ME to disappear then you are in for a long wait. Ive got lots of PM to send to all the lovely chaps that have sent me nice messages xxxx so i may be here a while.

    I understand that i deserve abuse, and was asking for it by putting the post in the lonely hearts section in the first place thats fine, i agree and was expecting it. BUT please dont make me out to be a Troll as i havnt as far as im aware be nasty about or to anyone, or tried to start arguements or had multiple usernames or done any of the other things Tolls do.

    Im quite a nice person if im given a chance. xxx
  6. *** TrollyDolly now ducks to avoid the inevitable abuse about to be fired her way***
  7. 8O i wasnt nasty when replying to your pm's :D
  8. Not u Toonie!
  9. :lol: ok then, thats cool, as I aint a nasty person... just a thick Geordie type person :wink:
  10. PMSL! can't you lot keep ANYTHING on thread??? :lol: :lol: :lol:

  11. ok back over to the newsdesk then :roll:
  12. Another PM for Trolly Dolly, from a female, but another nice 'un like Toonie. Cos I suffered abuse too when I first joined and, worse of all, I never did get that Irish man I wanted. :wink:

    And I got slated again today. Kept me amused for hours!!
  13. Girls, boys,

    Its not about slating each other.

    In the "Serious Section" - which I try to stay away from, its about discussion and getting your point across.

    In the NAAFI Bar, anything goes. Allegedly. But who is to decide what is a good thread and a bad thread without deleting half the rubbish on there that sometimes makes it funny. Some people have a different sense of humour to others, and thank The Lord Flash that no-one has the same sense of humour as me.

    If you do, give me a shout, I will get you sectioned. :roll:
  14. You miss the idea of the forum.

    Is there a need for chat like discussion, one word answers whenthere is a chatroom designed purely for that.

    I personally use the NAAFI for the only thing I miss from my time in the services. Thats banter from like minded people.

    I don't miss the job, I don;t miss the tours and I don't miss stagging on a radio from 2-4... I certainly don't miss the doorway of a freezing cold Lynx.

    I miss the comradery and the unique sense of humour held by serving and ex members of the forces.

    THis sadly has been a rollercoaster.... somethimes the NAAFI is full of belly laughs, full of fantastic stories that have me rolling round the floor and literally crying with laughter.

    Now I barely read the threads, I find it easier to click on a posters name tha tI value the input of and read there last few posts.

    All I ask is this.... Think before posting, does anyone really want to read this.
  15. Well said LJH and well put MDN, Door Bundle, funny is one thing but is it me or is every one of your posts just "having a go" at someone?

    Be funny or Be gone.


    PS i have a small willy.

    Ask your mum.