Serious Boot Failure

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by robroy, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. If the boots has been sat on a shelf for a few years or so, the rubber loses its elasticity and fails. I've seen this a few times with the issue sole.

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  2. Proboot?
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  3. Worn fairly regular, just seemed a coincidence I took a short cut across a Bulgarian building site then a few hours later the rot set in
  4. I took mine out of the cupboard a few month back and the soles stayed in the cupboard- wrong composition for the tropics I guess. Happened with another pair of shoes walking through Changi Airport- i had a weird feeling and looked behind me to see a trail of sole!
  5. Similar thing happened to the wife last summer. She went walking in her Solomon boots and felt something was amiss, next thing the sole of one has completely come off. The rubber mid sole had just disintegrated.

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  6. Seen many pairs like this over the last few years. From well worn to new off the shelf just suddenly giving up their sole.

    Was informed it was a bad batch but it must have been quite a large batch.

  7. Those Britton style boots used to have soles that disintegrated a lot. However, they weren't as bad as the high leg boot soles that lasted centuries. Were they made of deleted uranium?

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  8. I think there have been a couple of threads on this topic - the last one was a bout 18 months ago, I think, and specifically about exactly this happening to Proboots. It certainly happened to mine and I have had exactly the same thing with Australian work boots, includng, quite recently, Blundstones. My man in the rubber industry tells me that any boot sole, or indeed, tyre, will have a finite life and then this happens.

    Mind you, that being said, we do seem to have had more of this in the last 10 years than I was ever aware of before. Did it ever happen with boots DMS, for example? I wonder if the boot manufacturers have been seduced by the new product development fetish, what with things like 'dual density soles' and have changed the formula ?
  9. Never knew it to happen with DMS.
    I take on board what has been said and it probably was them just giving up the ghost.
  10. Got a pair of these:


    Had them over 16 years and they're still fecking indestructible! :)
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  11. Look as if they have melted.

    Is the wear on the other boot the same?
  12. No. And if it did you'd still be protected by the woven nylon insole.
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  13. Use the search Kit Monster has already said the reasons why it happens.
    It's something like to make them flexible means they don't last as long. It's happened to me and its annoying when the rest of the boot is fine.