serious accusations (an actual real walt criminal)

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by atmycommand, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. lately the walt outings have been horrendous, but i think you will agree this is one that needs abit more attention

    i will post the transcript from faceach, straight cut and paste..........

    Canine Partners held a demonstration and drinks reception recently at The Royal Mews for Her Majesty The Queen, who enjoyed seeing our dogs in action. The Queen also met former Coldstream Guard Joe Murdock, who lost both his legs on active service as a result of an improvised explosive device and is now matched with canine partner Radley ,,, (Pic 1, in coldstream tie,, Pic 2, in beige trousers) A demonstration to Her Majesty The Queen...

    Sal Troops Fundraiser
    Joe Murdock from Norwich is a total liar, and a disgrace to the military and his fellow Coldstream Guardsman..and shows full dis-respect to all injured in conflicts.

    LIE No 1,, His name is not Joe Murdock,, its Gerard Murdock... LIE No 2,, He wears medals, but was NOT issued medals as he NEVER saw conflict,, he was Never deployed,, LIE No 3,, He claims he was Special forces Attatched,, He was a Guardsman,, the only special forces he has seen is in films,, LIE No 4,, He tells everyone he was injured during in combat,, he NEVER saw combat,, the only combat he saw was a fight in the local Naafi,, LIE No 5,, He has obtain funding by de-fraud from many military charitiies, including ssafa, RBL, and Blesma,, the BIGGEST lie of all-- LIE No 6,, He went infront of the Queen after being presented with a help dog from H4H, costing £20.000, explaining how he lost both legs during active service from an explosion from a improvised explosive device ,, BOLLOX,, pretty impossible to happen when he did not do any deployments to any combat zone,, he had 1 leg amputated after he left the army, due to an infection he caught,, 2 years later the infection spread and he had the other leg amputated. And the reason that we know all this is because i am ashamed to admit that i am his sister n law...

    any Blue red blue guys recall this gentleman?
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  2. Shocking if true, but always a bit dubious about ANYTHING on faceache. Any one know the real story?
  3. No time to wait for the real story, the outrage bus will be along any minute.
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  4. ​Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ^~
  5. "March, no Push, the guilty bastard in Sergeant Major!"
  6. I agree completely. The profile appears to be a well used, non sock puppet profile. It should be pretty straight forward!
  7. cant find his profile on facebook! cant say i have heard of him!?
  8. There is a waltish whiff about this one.

    I am outraged.
  9. Do you think he refused her advances to ride his "polony pony"?
  10. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Might need to tread carefully on this. There are claims that he was at, and still visits DMRC Headley.

    AMC can you PM me some more details please, and I'll dig into it?
  11. i hope it is legit! ive seen these dogs at work and they are nothing shot of amazing! pm incoming
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  12. OK. I am unoutraged.

    Whoever said 'woman's scorn' has better judgement than me.
  13. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Oh Christ, not another one.
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