Series of huge explosions at military base in Albania

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 15, 2008.

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    Let's hope that the loses would be minimal.

    It is possible that Serbian special services are involved.
  2. "The explosions are believed to have begun while three explosives teams were dismantling munitions at the base."

    Why do you think Serbian special services were involved?
  3. It is only a supposition, an allegation, no more.

    1. Serbian special services are skilled enough to perform such an operation.
    2. With declaration of US backed independence of Kosovo, Serbia is highly motivated to harm American interests (especially in Kosovo and Albania).
    3. We have been told official version. Is it trustworthly? Who knows?
    4. It is possible that the Americans decided to keep their weapons, explosives, boms, missiles in the base. So the Serbs could detonate previously planted device just at the moment then American transport arrived.
  4. Not that special then. Just murdering hoodlums.
  5. The Albanians; without doubt. They also happen to be prolific Pimps, white slavers and drug smugglers.
  6. Ah yes. Remind me, how long before we let such dross into the EU?
  7. Thankfully they havn't been given a date yet and supposedly still have to clear house before being allowed, however the fact that we let Romania become a member whilst still in the state they're in does not bode well.

    There are some days when withdrawing from the EU and taking membership of the European Free Trade Association and European Economic Area instead seems like a half decent idea. :(
  8. I'm sorry allow me to ellaborate.
  9. Sergey mate you are displaying typical Russian pathological suspicion, having seen a few Albanian Ammo dumps I would say its 95% likely to have been a very negligent accident or at worst a deliberate accident to cover up a large amount of missing ordinance
  10. Sorry Sergey - just a cock up - albeit a bl00dy big one. Should keep a lot of EOD Techs busy for a long time. Incidentally the xcess 100,000 tonnes you are reading about is a serious misunderestimation.

    The Albanians have LOTS more ammunition - they jusy don't know how much
  11. If I remember rightly,

    one of ours that was working there a few years ago told me about another incident where some Albanians were offloading a truck in a Depot with exposed explosives etc in it, whilst smoking!

    It went BANG! Took out a few workers there - they don't appear to have learned their lesson.