Series III Lightweight / Airportable Landrover


one of these has landed in a big rusty heap at my feet. Despite the state of it, rolled, rusty and full of Salisbury Plain it still coughs asthmatically into life, the poor old thing.

Does anyone have the CES, handbook, ISPL, EMER etc they no longer need / want to flog?


I think I have an electronic copy of the 'Haynes book of lies' that may cover the lightweight series.

also amazon have this
Uck - it's been a long time since I have had to clean out the back of a 1/2 tonne. Brought back many memories!
I thought the REME were generally a museum unit as its there job to keep all the old crap working in the Brit Army
You jammy bastard.

Try Vintage AFV Manuals I think it is called, also know as Green Machine Surplus on Ebay. Also the Ex Military Land Rover Association - EMLRA.

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