Series III Land Rover FFR in Bosnia - unit 21 / 3

Discussion in 'RLC' started by J.D., Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. Greetings from Arizona - I own a 1975 Series III Land Rover 109' RHD FFR 3/4 Truck 49 GF 85 - the previous owner relayed to me that the vehicle's last deployment was in Bosnia as part of the NATO operations over there. Sadly; when he received it, he had all the identifying marks 'erased' as he had the entire vehicle chemically stripped to bare aluminum - minus the tops of the wings and bonnet, which he just added a layer of black paint. When I myself began to carefully strip the rest of the paint off in layers, as to make it match the rest of the hull and to prepare it for another coat of black/green disruptive, I discovered the following unit moniker in white 1 1/2 inch elements in the form of a sticker above the drivers side headlamp - it read as follows 21 / 3 Does anyone recognize this - I am trying the Signals portion of this forum, as well as the 'Yugoslav' chat area and am trying to narrow it down - have also been lurking the EMLRA and the HMVF as well - thank you for your time any and all. J.D. Davis - Prescott, Arizona
  2. 21 Sqn 3 Regt.
  3. 21 Sqn. 3 Reg. of whom?
  4. Thank you. Is there anyone who was there and would know about their role while in country?
  5. I think it's unlikely it was still in service, SeriesIII had been very much replaced by The time we were involved in the Balkans, you could try the Tank Museum in Bovington, they may hold some info on its service history.
  6. From what I gather; a few of them did make it over there and 'clunked around' - I saw a photo of a III GS w/ the IFOR markings at a checkpoint in front of two Defenders somewhere in Kosovo - i typed in the search words and hit images and the photo 'popped' up...
  7. There were still lots about. In particular they were used in GS roles, as they were easily stripped out. The bread board was fully removable and in short order you could strip out pretty much all the FFR bits.
  8. JD,

    I have the following information on 49GF85:

    The units it was held by are:

    100 Regt Royal Artillery (volunteers)
    3 Field Workskop REME
    6 Close Support Bn REME, 3 Armoured Company
    Sold at Blackbush auctions 9 September 1997
  9. Holy cow! Thank you giles; where did you happen across this information?