Series 3 Land Rover FFR 21/3 Bosnia

Discussion in 'Bosnia/Former Yugoslavia (Op GRAPPLE, Op RESOLUTE)' started by J.D., Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. Hello - This might sound like a very random etherial question; but here it goes. I own a 1975 RHD Series iii 109' 3/4 FFR Land Rover. When I purchased the vehicle; I was told that its last deployment was in Bosnia as part of some of the NATO operations there. Sadly; when I purchased her, all layers of black and green paint were chemically removed all the way down to bare aluminum from a cat in Los Angeles who did not want to look like he was in a militia - thus destroying all her former historical markings. But; the man before did leave the paint on tops of the wings intact and even painted over them again in a black - luckily. Now the reason for this post. As I was removing the paint (a layer at a time) as so I can repaint her back to a point of her former glory; I came across these elements in white letters about an inch and a half tall in the form of a clear stick-on 21 / 3 . I have written letters to multiple UK agencies, other forums (EMLRA, HMVF), and my latest was the MoD to get an answer to what unit this tac number belongs; I am still waiting for answers - there really is no magical place to find such an answer. It has become difficult to even get a MERLIN report about my vehicle's history through the above forums due to budget cuts, especially so since I live in the United States. Is there anyone out there that remembers an old 1975 Series iii 109' FFR (I do not think that they would have been in huge numbers due to the fact that the Defender models were well in place) with the Reg.# 49 GF 85 with the above unit sign on it? To whom does my Land Rover formerly belong? Anyone remember her in country? In lieu of all that, any ideas on where else to go to find this information will be well received - and by odd chance that not only do you know this elemental ID moniker but the vehicle as well; she is enjoying her time in Prescott, Arizona and her juants into the mountains in search of wild trout and a cold Coors - Thanking you all in advance, sincerely J.D. Davis - Prescott
  2. I know nowt about nowt but she may have belonged to for example the Belgian military and a score of other countries who operate Landies.
  3. I think it's the RLC that keep records.
  4. There might be a Work Ticket under the driver's seat.

    Sorry, couldn't resist.
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  5. Majority of Series 111 land rovers were CAST post Gulf 1 around end of 80's and Bosnia didn't kick off till shortly afterwards...from the tours I did in Bosnia I can only remember LR 90's and 110's over there but may be corrected. Even though I didnt see any series 111 early 90's I was shocked to have to CAST a few more when I was posted to Cyprs late 90's so there could of been one or two lurking and taken to theatre by some units. As said though I did see a few other Nationalities using them but that would be taken out the equation seeing its a Right hooker. Maybe a TA unit sneaked it out for a jolly....Maybe have a chat with Withams they seem to have handled every vehicle ever been in the Army.
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  6. As a side - when revamping the heater matrix for Winter, I discovered a spare set of keys, some spare bulbs, a few nuts and bolts, and a 'krinckled-up' Wrigglies yellow gum wrapper inside the housing - why would you do this unless you plan on having to steal 'her' back? Also I found a 1982 fifty-pence piece stashed neatly behind the console - Also; being as though the chassis # is 91126249C, I believe the 911's were slated for UK only and not meant for export (twin gas tanks under the seats, right hand drive, squared rear crossmember, etc...) I could be wrong on this. Also, there is or was no sign of UN white. I have seen an internet photo of a Series 3 in Bosnia with IFOR on the side - I typed in Series 3 Land Rover Bosnia IFOR and hit images and there one was in front of two Defenders - so I know that a few did make it that far into service after most that were already deep were de-mobbed after the First Gulf War - Any clue to the 21 / 3 #? Could this be a unit with the 21 SAS?
  7. Ha! Ha! , Brilliant CC.
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  8. We had one of these on Op Telic in 2003.

    It was used as our radio repair wagon, and we got a guy attached to us from the Signals to run the show.

    It was a great wagon, but obviously light and unarmoured. This thing just turned up one day, I think about three days into the operation. It was in good condition, could it have been from the legendary mothballed Warstock?

    I worked in Bosnia in 1995 and can't remember seeing one out on the ground, but it's a big country.

    Good luck with your quest my friend, you are in the right place to get the information.
  9. I was in Vitez 93/94, never ever saw a series 3 L/R, even Malbat had new 110's.

    We did have series 3 in Cyprus, in both black and green and UN white.
  10. Right,the GF in the number plate does place it as a 74-75 rover.It's R/H drive so normally used for UK.White unit marker on the wings puts in UK use as well(as BAOR used matt black for unit numbers).I think all records for vehicles have now transfered to the Military Vehicle Trust after the museum closed in Beverley.
  11. The photo of the Series 3 in front of the Defenders as to what I was referring prior looks to be a GS model - To see under images; it was found Military Land Rover IFOR Croatia - The above site directions were wrong on my part -
  12. Ah Vitez...special coffees and travelling every day past the Militia HQ to the school to work.....I miss the mud baths in camp.
  13. For sure. They do like the opposition to know where they are. Puts Opfor off any serious endeavours as they know they are dealing with THEM.
  14. 21 / 3 Could this be the 21 SAS 63(SAS) Signal Squadron (V)?
  15. Dont they have the garage door of their LAD spray painted the same as the Boathouse.....and black masking tape on the windscreen so the driver can see where hes going but no one knows his identity......Do they have THEM and THEM on the passenger and Drivers windows aswell???