Series 3 Land Rover FFR 21/3 Bosnia/Croatia?

Does anyone recognize this unit's elements 21 / 3 ? I own a 1975 Series iii Land Rover RHD 109' FFR 3/4 Truck - The previous owner told me that its last deployment was in Bosnia (that was all he knew) as part of the NATO operations over there. He had it all chemically stripped to bare aluminum minus the tops of the wings that were covered in multiple layers of paint; and sadly erased all markings to help ID any history - to make the vehicle match (all aluminum) and to get it ready to prep it to paint her back, I discovered the unit ID in 1 1/2 inch white elements in the form of a sticker on the drivers side above the headlamp. Could this be a 21 Brigade(SAS) 63(SAS) Signal Squadron (V) - maybe part of TA volunteer support? I could be and in all probability am very wrong; and am looking for answers - My vehicle Reg. # is 49 GF 85 Chassis # 91126241C - Does anyone by chance recognize this unit ID ​21 / 3 ? Does anyone recall seeing other Series 3's over there? Any answers/suggestions will be greatly appreciated - Thanking you in advance - J.D. Davis Prescott, Arizona USA
Try these lads. They may be able to help. index
I Have tried and have been poking around awhile on the forums on the EMLRA - Ex Military Land Rover Association - Just a close while back; you could pay a due to become a member, and as a result, could pay them a nominal fee to have them track down the MERLIN report, and decipher it for you; a wonderful perk I was just about ready to take - but because of budget cuts, the service is no longer available along with the great knowledge from the gentleman who was there to help. I have also been poking around on the HMVF - Historic Military Vehicle Forum... As a suggestion to all who read here and are unaware of their existence; both are great sources of information and it seems to me that because of the commonality of minds involved here, the forums parallel in scope and function to help educate those who seek out such things as I have been.... J.D. Davis - Prescott, Arizona.
21 (Air Support) Sig Regt , 3 Sqn Was based at Laarbrukke (spelling ??) in Germany. And did go to the Balkans. However by about 92 near as damn it every LR was a diesel 90/110 throughout the British Army.

At 1 Bde Sig Sqn, and pretty much near the back of the queue for kit, we were all 110 in 87. The only petrol rovers I recall after that were the V8's which were generally line dets (1 Div 95)

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