Serial Slapper (allegedly)!

Serial mistress, who has had affairs with over FIFTY married men, reveals in shocking confession 'when men are with me, it's the wife who is the other women'Karen Marley, 45, is divorced - and says she's happier 'flitting around' than settling down 'Married men have had their rough edges sanded off,' she says. 'They are better trained' Karen, from Richmond, N.Yorks, says: 'I know married life isn’t for me. But I know that married men have the qualities I am looking for.

More at: Confessions of a serial mistress: Affairs with 50 married men over the past six years and still not found Mr Right | Mail Online
Thank fuck................ I thought this was going to be about me!

But really shagging 50 men in 6 years is nothing, just down the road is Catterick, there are some serious slappers there.
Well my Auntie Jim used to earn a reasonable living from stealing fishfingers from Morrisons in Aldershot and reselling them at cost... and nicking Paras spare change from thier trouser pockets, on her bedroom floor... after she had provided them with herpes...

And my uncle who lived in Paddington used to steal marmalade sandwiches, and not even show his cock for the priveledge....

And we still treat em like family regardless....
You're a bit odd you are.:)
I would...
Not Guilty. She's fatter than me.
I'm staying single if it keeps her off my back.

Where's my sock?????
German Jews in 1943 were fatter than you.
You can't choose your relatives .... I s'bose...

Wheres me broom....
is it up your arse you fucking weirdo?
You can't choose your relatives .... I s'bose...

Wheres me broom....
Where's your avatar?

Far far far away. I wonder why that is.....


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