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Hi guys

I've been lurking on and off for the last couple of years and finally joined.

I'm 26 female. Ive wanted to join the army since I was 17, but never thought I would be good enough or had the bollocks. I went into working for the police (eeek) and contemplated joining the TA to get a taster for the army life and see if I was up to it but my then partner was extremely anti and made things difficult.
I've finally had the guts to apply and have done my barb 79, literacy and numeracy level 2, got gcse grades abccc and a level at c. Got my medical signed off and an Amazing reference from a guv a work.

I understand I will be taking a huge pay cut (about 15 grand) but I'm not in a mortgage or have any Loans or anything like that. I don't think the money is an issue as it's something I've always wanted to do. I also appreciate it's usually ppl leaving army to join police and not the other way round. I've had alot of negative feeling from friends regarding this ( my family are extremely positive)

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Why don't you join the TA and get the best of both worlds and if you find you don't like it, you've still got your job. If your partner is anti you joining the TA, he won't be over the moon about you joining the regs anyway.
Nice barb score, shame you cant use a search engine. If you were a lurker for a couple of years you would of read the many threads saying the same thing.
Well, to be fair, you haven't got the bollocks, but then that's never stopped plenty of women doing a cracking job. :)

15k is a massive drop in wages, have you thought about roles/trades with fairly quick promotion to quickly bring you back to that same level? My own trade of Ammunition Technician is one such trade.
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