Serial Killers GO To ASDA

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BanjoBill, Apr 5, 2008.

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  1. Serial Killers GO To ASDA

    It's not a statement of fact, rather a recommendation.

    Last night I called in at ASDA - Monks Cross, York. The pretty young lady in front of me paid by credit card, the assistant then asked for her postcode... for security reasons. Given the small number of addresses to each postcode - I would highly recommend that all potential 'Serial Killers' now head down to ASDA... as a short cut to researching the whereabouts and home addresses of all potential new clients / victims.

    If any of Arrse members happen to work at ASDA... you might just mention to the management that ASDA is now putting it's own OPSEC as a priority over their customer PERSEC.

    And that they might consider a rocket up the arrse of the idiot who thought up that idea.
  2. and if you refuse to give them your postcode, do they refuse to serve you?
  3. It's not for 'security reasons', it's for 'marketing reasons'.

  4. Nothing to do with them selling your shopping preferences to a marketing company obviously...
  5. don't know tbh

    Tis what I thought...

    the trouble and strife went in yesterday and she said they didn't ask for the postcode... is interesting... but bad plan at anytime IMO.
  6. I was asked for it the other day as well. Bit of a tricky sly trick I'm going to refuse next time and see what happens after all surly they cant pass on your details without your consent and as for the fraud line they'd raise I'll leave that for my bank to decide not some fcuking shop assistant
  7. Has nothing to do with fraud, it is marketing. And since they wont have any of your "personal" details, just a postcode and a shopping list, it probably can be passed on legally.
  8. Just pull out a notepad / pen and ask the assistant for her postcode...

    ...and house number

    ...and phone number

    ...and vital statistics

    All for security reasons of course :D
  9. they asked me a few months back, it was for some sort of prize draw for vouchers or something, i told them i didn't know my post code which technically wasn't a lie, as i had just moved but made me sound like an idiot
  10. I rarely shop at ASDA as they seem to cater for the shallower end of the gene pool, but just in case, I shall modify my checkout spiel.

    "No I don't want help packing, do I look retarded? No I don't have a clubcard, I don't want cashback or collect vouchers and no, you cant have my fucking postcode."
  11. Just make it up. How the F do they know where you come from?
  12. Give 'em SW1A 1AA and tell 'em Liz Windsor lives there! :D
  13. ASDA is a vvanker magnet, it's worse than the fair!

    ASDA Should be renamed ASBO to reflect the normal lower life that tend to shop there
  14. I love the Asda near my Sister's gaff in SE London. The only shop I've been in where there's a dirty great sign up saying:

    "Customers are reminded that they are required to cover bare chests while shopping in this store".

    Mind you because of the local ethnic mix the range of ingredients is absolutely superb once one gets past the microchips, blue pop & pot noodles...
  15. giggle snigger chortle.