Sergey How could you ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. The story was reported on Russian TV, I heard about it on Radio Echo of Moscow and I read this article on BBC. Moreover, I thought about placing of this story here on this forum but I doubted that it would be interesting to our friends.

    I'm happy that it is interesting to you.

    Indeed, detailed, high quality images of Russian warships are not available. The main cause is a stupid desire to keep them in secret. Few year ago Norwegian king asked to visit huge Russian battleship 'Peter the Great'. He received polite NO. Why?

    I recall old Russian saying

    There are two problems in Russia - fools and roads.

    But we Russians (as our American friends) are ready to laugh at ourselves. Let's laugh together.
  2. No Sergey , lets all laugh at the Capitalist Americans !!!

  3. There is Russian saying - laugh without cause points to foolishness. If you propose a good reason then why not to laugh.
  4. Iraq ?? Weapons of mass distruction ? El Presidente Bush ?
  5. I think it'd be easier to pick out reasons NOT to laugh.

    (with much respect for our cousins of course :wink: )
  6. Iraq, more than 2 thousands killed American soldiers. No, it is not a proper cause for laugh.

    WMD? Maybe, but it is an old theme.

    El Presidente? Oh, yes. And as I see our American friends are laughing at their president as well.

  7. Seeing the Russian navy now consist of two row boots with catapults mounted on the front its not great surprise they borrowed another nations picture.
  8. That may be the whole point. They are still so keen to keep everything secret out of embarrassment as to the actual state of their once proud Navy.
  9. [​IMG]

    The Pyotr Velikiy (Peter the Great) Kirov Class Project 1144.2 Heavy Missile Cruiser.

    Look at description

    As I'm aware RN hasn't anything compatible.
  10. Sergey you navy is a joke the most famous Russian vessel was a creation by a Yank author. Look back at the last two big incidents involving the Russian navy neither time did you come out with much credibility. The Royal Navy may be lacking in large surface ship but it is manned by a well trained professional force even if they are slightly camp. The Russian navy by all accounts feeds its troop dog food as ration cost to much.
  11. Greengrass!

    You expressed your opinion. You have right to it. Russian navy is in crisis? Maybe. It is much weaker than RN? Not sure. Is American Navy much stronger than Russian one? No doubt.

    Many unique technologies are being used in Russian navy. I doubt that RN has something like this (the vessels are also in service with the Greek Navy. Three vessels were commissioned in 2001)

  12. Are those two yellow things on the front not the aforementioned catapults?
  13. The question must be asked as to why the Russian navy is being maintained at all. True the RN is now little more than a costal defence force. There job when the balloon goes up is to escort the army to a SPOD. Could they do it is doubtful have we even got the capability to launch a flotilla to retake the Falkland? Its other role is a nuclear deterrent which it does very well.

    Under what circumstance would the Russian require a powerful Blue water navy? Your not a island and don’t rely on maintaining shipping lanes do the Russians keep war heads at sea any more? Surly the Navy is merely a prestige thing for you and realistically the money could be spent better else where.
  14. Good questions I should say. Indeed, why Russia should have strong enough navy? What are possible causes?

    There is an unresolved dispute with Norway about boundaries of economical zones. Norway showed its resolve to use force even in international waters.

    Japan demands a return of Southern Kurile islands. Now Japanese navy is too weak but who knows what we can expect in the future?

    Former Soviet foreign minister Shevardnadze (he was also Georgian president) signed an agreement with USA. According to it huge aquatories in Bering sea were declared as American economical zone. The agreemnet was not ratified by Soviet (and Russian) parliament. According to the international law Russia has right to break the agreement. Later or sooner it will happen. Now Russian navy is too weak to support claim for fair divide of neutral zone.

    Russia is a huge country and zones that are close to its boundaries are in fact a half of the World. So strong navy is essetial in defence of national interests worldwide.

    Russia is an important producer of weapons (including warships). Even NATO countries (like Greece) are among consumers. Without own strong navy this business would not be successfull.

    Btw, Russian anti-ship missiles are extremely good (hint for RN).