Sergeants mess at Headley Court

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by flynavy, Dec 9, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone have the sergeants mess phone number for Headley court please?

    I am on resttlement and leave and dont have access to work computers, have also tried google to no avail.
  2. Have you considered using your initiative and calling HC on 01372 378271 then option 4 (found on google) and asking them for the number?
  3. I've done it for you. The mess managers number is 01372 381081. Idle ******.
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  4. You're welcome
  5. You're like Maureen with a grunt.
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  6. As you are looking up phone numbers can you find me the one for flight arrivals at Heathrow?
  7. okay thanks, with regards to looking up the number on google, certain parts of my brain dont work correctly and this is why i am going back to headley court!
  8. PA, I'm going on the beer tonight, missus is giving me a lift into town but will have to make my own way back.
    Do you have a number for a reputable taxi firm in the Roborough area of Plymouth?
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  9. Which terminal, which airline?
  10. Yomp it you idle ****.
  11. Tom Daley's number and address would be appreciated.
  12. I'll let you have the number when we RV in the bar later :)
  13. I'm sorry, homosexual hookups is against our company policy.
  14. Well I hope you get it squared away.
  15. Skiver. :)