Sergeant Paul McGeogh, Royal Marines (SBS) and CMH/ R.I.P.

Probably my only post here, but wanted to give you lads/lasses a heads up. This fine warrior, recently retired, received the Congressional Medal of Honor from a grateful America for actions taken in November, 2001 at Mazur-i-Sharif during the famous prisoner uprising. His mates and him charged through a storm of fire to secure the life of one of our surviving C.I.A. agents. Further, he remained behind to direct close air strikes to subdue the rebellion over the next three days.

Wish I could offer more from the commendation, however it was awarded anonymously as he was still active w/SBS at the time.

Sgt. McGeogh recently died in a hang-gliding incident while vacationing with his children and wife on Cyprus.

I'd love if one of you would call the U.S. Embassy's Defense Attache in London to give them a firm, but quiet alert to this unfortunate incident, that we may be assured of honoring him in the correct manner. I'd think an honor guard from our Marine detachment and a representative from the C.I.A. SHOULD, at minimum, be made available at the funeral services, which will be held this upcoming Thursday. To think of the danger this fine warrior has routinely faced, both training and in combat, to meet his demise so senselessly after a well-earned retirement is deeply saddening.

This is just the item to slip through the cracks. Unfortunately, it cannot be corrected if handled poorly. There's only ONE chance to get it right. Enough quiet voices will assure that America takes the final right-and-proper step to honor him. I've e-mailed the White House and the U.S. Defense Attache in London, while also leaving a phone msg. with the P.I.O. office at DoD, but have only modest trust that our bueraucracy will be alerted to this sad event.

Came to me via StrategyPage where I regularly post, as does his brother-in-law. :cry:

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