Sergeant Mark Andrews reinstated by Wilts Police

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Glad_its_all_over, Dec 3, 2011.

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  1. Will he be under his old boss, I wonder. And where is the WPC now?
  2. I posted it here as he's a former pupil at the Ashford Junior Deportment and Etiquette Academy. Fair play to him, don't know more than what has been in the media and I think we all know better than to expect truth or accuracy from there. He's been acquitted of a criminal offence and Wilts Constabulary have now been directed to reinstate him by the police disciplinary appeals mechanism. Interesting to see what they do, the ACC and CC were pretty quick off the mark when it all kicked off.
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  3. I'll get the keys for the bus,there will be enough passengers to justify starting it up by the time I've had breakfast.
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  4. Good. Ten ******* letters
  5. Unusual that grubb street have not been able to dig up any outrage stories from Pamela Somerville the original victim in the case.
  6. from what i read, the appeal concluded that although the CCTV looked like he deliberately threw her into the cell, in fact she was grabbing hold of the cell doorframe and then suddenly let go. might have looked bad but if not deliberate, glad he's got his job back. it's not easy restraining / controlling anyone being that difficult without hurting them, even if they are small and female.
  7. So he's an innocent man in the eyes of the law?

    Where's the issue?

    If he's not guilty then he's free to crack on handing out some TLC to the drunkards and fucktards of Wiltshire. He's got a load on, so I suggest we leave him to get it gripped.
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  8. Maybe he should be reinstated but to a non public role such as processing paperwork or a call centre until he has been risk assessed. In other words can he be trusted not to "assault" the public whilst carrying out his duties................

  9. He was cleared of all charges at the appeal court, so what legitimate reason could Wiltshire Police have for treating him any differently to any other policeman who has been accused (and subsequently cleared) of assault by someone in custody?
  10. He didn't assault anyone, a nice Crown Court judge said so. But I bet Wilts Police still try to find a way to hang him out to dry, poor bastard.
  11. Glad he's been reinstated, glad the CC is going to have to swallow his own words, glad the skank has not completely ruined his career. Hopefully she heard the news while lying in a pool of her own vomit.
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  12. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    This case is an absolute travesty, and it highlights the lack of human rights that a pissed up shortarse bint has to gob off as much as she wants, before being hurled into a cell to shut the **** up and calm down/sober up.
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