Sergeant Major mentality vs Islamic Fundamentalist mentality

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CheekieNorthernMonkie, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. Sergeant Major mentality vs Islamic Fundamentalist mentality

    What empirical evidential anecdotes can ARRSErs supply that supports the statement: British Army Sergeant Majors are further removed from logic and less likely to have their point of view swayed by intelligent discourse than Islamic Fundamentalists.

  2. Get your arrse down the pokey sunshine!
  3. RSMs are always right. If you think they're logic is wrong then you are wrong.

    On the otherhand I know I'd rather pi$$ off an Islamic fundamentalist than an RSM, makes those ragheads seem positively cuddly
  4. The key difference is an RSM can't make you do something at gunpoint but he can make you wish you had done something...The CO is great and the RSM is his prophet!
  5. Gentlemen, we have a winner.
  6. You can reason with a fundie. SSM/CSMs? Not a chance..
  7. I would rather face a hoard of fundies than the badge. He is the messiah of pain to those who do not listen to his wise words. 8)

  8. Shite Rolls Downhill.

    Shi'ites dont even rock
  9. SSMs/CSMs.........the only living creature capable of slamming a revolving door..........................SAH!!!
  10. RSM will win any day, never saw an RSM loose to any one, or get beaten by any one, doing anything, ever... fullstop!
    Saw an Old RSM of mine from back in the day not long ago, still stood with heels together to talk to him... nice chap though, just never ever annoy him, ever!