Sergeant Lee Johnson, Trooper Jack Sadler, Captain John Mc..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RFUK, Feb 5, 2008.

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    A video tribute to the British servicemen killed in Afghanistan during 2007:

    Sergeant Lee Johnson

    Trooper Jack Sadler

    Captain John McDermid

    Lance Corporal Jake Alderton

    Major Alexis Roberts

    Colour Sergeant Phillip Newman

    Private Brian Tunnicliffe

    Corporal Ivano Violino

    Sergeant Craig Brelsford

    Private Johan Botha

    Private Damian Wright

    Private Ben Ford

    Senior Aircraftman Christopher Bridge

    Private Aaron James McClure

    Private Robert Graham Foster

    Private John Thrumble

    Captain David Hicks

    Private Tony Rawson

    Lance Corporal Michael Jones

    Sergeant Barry Keen

    Guardsman David Atherton

    Lance Corporal Alex Hawkins

    Guardsman Daryl Hickey

    Sergeant Dave Wilkinson

    Captain Sean Dolan

    Drummer Thomas Wright

    Guardsman Neil 'Tony' Downes

    Lance Corporal Paul "Sandy" Sandford

    Corporal Mike Gilyeat

    Corporal Darren Bonner

    Guardsman Daniel Probyn

    Lance Corporal George Russell Davey

    Guardsman Simon Davison

    Private Chris Gray

    WO2 Michael Smith

    Marine Benjamin Reddy

    Lance Bombardier Ross Clark

    Lance Bombardier Liam McLaughlin

    Marine Scott Summers

    Royal Marine Jonathan Holland

    Lance Corporal Mathew Ford

    Royal Marine Thomas Curry

    Rest in peace.
  2. Tis good, RIP.
  3. Good Video .. Excellent choice of song.
  4. Good Video,

    probably best to disable "comments" on it though, similar videos get comments from some people glamourising the fact that they'd been killed.

    Edited to add: when i say "glamourising" i mean in from the point of view of the Taliban/extreemists. Wasn't sure whether i was clear enough.
  5. Excellent video
    RIP very very brave service Personnel
  6. Top vid..RIP lads.
    As has been said good tune, who is it?
  7. Outstanding video.

    Thank you.
  8. In One Year???
  9. Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol.
  10. Very good video Rest In Peace to all of the People who lost their lives...............
  11. Excellent vid.

    Seeing the smiling kids I thought maybe it's all worth it.

    Seeing the names of those who died, maybe it's really not.

    At the height of the troubles, did we lose that many bods in one year in NI?

    All very, very, very sad and for a thankless government too...
  12. When I saw the length of the list it brought it all home.Far, far too long
  13. RIP Daryl Hickey
    A true friend and a true gentleman, it is not worth you loss and I honour you

  14. More, 1972 was a particularly hard year. :(
  15. Excellent video. A fitting tribute. RIP guys.