Sergeant in a day

The company I work for help sponsor a British charity Starlight that helps ill kids in this country along the same lines. A few regiments have featured in its news letters these past few years, all good stuff.

Well done son.
I used to Booze in a very nice bar cum cocktail lounge in Bangkok. The owner was a Son of the South and had been a bit of a lad in his younger days. WW II, Korea and Nam.
He enlisted day after Pearl Harbour and liked to tell THE TALE of how he and a Undred other recruits where left milling about in a shed on day one. He got that pizzed off, that when he found a set of Sgts chevrons he put them on and formed the troops up. When the instructors returned they where that impressed he got made up to PFC and Squad Leader on day one.
Eventually made Major and finished his time in Nam.
Yes he could shoot the sh1t but I met many of his old buddeys and they thought the tale was true ish.
Good lad eh? Shame there aren't more of them. Walk tall my lad, I only hope that I can walk as tall as you one day too
WWII, Korea and Vietnam, Republic of? Good effort that man. Take yesterday off.
If he's telling the truth, he must be the perfect soldier: good AND lucky.
The guy was not infantry and transfered to what became the US air frorce when they where formed from the army at end of WW II. I got to meet some EX Nam aircrew in his bar, including a former full Col who had been boss of a wing of B52s, he could tell some tales of Sams and Migs over Hanoi.

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