Sergeant at 22?!

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by wiltsstokie, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. For my sins I was recently reading a copy of Loaded magazine whilst in the hairdressers. Inside was an article about a member of the Explosive Ordinance Regiment, a Sgt Shaw, who the article regularly mentioned, is 22 years old! How is this possible? And if anyone doesn't believe me buy this months edition of Loaded (it's good excuse anyway!) and check it out. The article is endorses by the Army so must be true!!!
  2. go to cranwell and you'll see teenage "sergeants" - loadies, rear crew etc join straight up as sergeants. affectionately known as "plastic sergeants" - you'd know why if you'd seen them acting like sixth formers ;)
  3. Truffles, the bird that works with me is 26, and likes it up her. She is also a placcy. I sometimes despair.

    Dale T xxx
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    You could always bring her down to London for the Crimble bash! :twisted:
  5. I was under the impression you had to have five years service in prior to promotion to Sgt.... thus the youngest you could be was 23. Providing you were in the Army on or before your 18th, and you were promoted on your birthday.

    Most of the young Sgts were in trades that had timed promotion.
  6. Good plan. We could all have a go on her.

    Perhaps if we could get a few more arrse maidens interseted, and we could make a Razzle stack :)
  7. Loads of ex Junior leaders did it in the 60/70s
  8. Yes,he and Ridgeway were both 3 Para

    And tropper was nowhere to be seen :D :D
  9. WRONG he and Capt Ridgeway gave a lecture at Bovington on their return from the Atlantic in 1968 I attended
  10. *yawn*

    thought you had your own thread now?
  11. I hope it wasn't you who sold them that Dhow they tried to sail home from Bahrain in 1965,if it was,the fecker sank :roll:
  12. In fairness, CR, if you go across the road to the Sleaford Travelodge you'll see plenty of teenage JO's (from all 3 Services I hasten to add) acting in exactly the same manner......... I think that's been discussed in another thread, right enough.

    Ref teenage SNCOs, I was crewed up with a 19yr old Flight Engineer once, started off life as an aircraft apprentice (I think) and he knew a s**tload more about the aircraft than I ever did.

    The whole "joining up and being a substantive Sgt 18 months later" issue does cause friction amongst the RAF groundpounding community, no doubt about it. It's a game of two halves though.
    Some of the young SNCOs (I've never been one, I was a DE at 18) are absolute gold-dust and go on to bigger & better things. For instance, one I was crewed up with in the past is now on ACSC - not unusual - whilst others do behave like total monkeys esp when in the bar, which does cause some of the old & bold techies, stackers, plods & rockape SNCOs to get sniffy.
    That said, they're all welcome to apply, are they not....??
  13. Impossible to be a Sergeant at 22 now. Probably a Cpl who's been given local rank. He wouldn't even be acting rank at 22.