Just cam back from watching the film, it is ace, well plotted, no real slow moments, decent ensemble acting, and wicked fight scenes! No spoilers, as any Fiefly fans will be upset, especially the unexpected twists ;)
Another success for the English Public school system, the director/writer and Buffy creator Joss Whedon went to Winchester.
NEO_CON said:
The real importain questions are How much money did it cost to make? How much money did it make?
Not much



The online clamour for this to have been made in the first place was HUUUGE (yes I am a geek and hang out on geek boards too), and most of the action required only three-four outside sets, with CGI at a lower proportion of the film than others.
NEO_CON said:
I just saw the movie and its great but it has to make money. Talk it up or else its history.
Off to see it tomorrow. Getting v. good buzz here in LA LA land. (Always strikes me as odd that an urban area with 20m people is still pretty much a factory town.) Should be one of those that gathers steam and turns out to be one of the 10% of films that generate a profit, especially as there's c0ck-all else of any interest in the pipeline between now and the holiday season. I don't include Wallace and Grommit in that analysis of course.

There's something or other floating about with Jessica Alba in a bikini for most of the film, but it has that tube from The Fast & the Furious (not Vin Diesel) in it and looks like a shite film. It will probably go on to do well on DVD and produce a concommitant spike in Kleenex's sales.
Seen an awesomely funny clip from wallace and gromit, involving gromit and his nemesis battling it out on fairground planes, indiana jones style. It was on the bbc site, but i can't find it now.
Jonathan Ross reviewed it this week. It cost $40 Million to make. He rated it MUCH better than the last 3 Star Wars efforts.
You think they will bring back Firefly now? Seeing as the film is a hit!

Still think Joss Whedon is great, Big Buffy fan here!
NEO_CON said:
The real importain questions are How much money did it cost to make? How much money did it make?
$40M to make, $26M back in box office so far (US only), $80M+ expected from DVD sales.
Glad_its_all_over said:
NEO_CON said:
The real importain questions are How much money did it cost to make? How much money did it make?
$40M to make, $26M back in box office so far (US only), $80M+ expected from DVD sales.
$80M is the stated threshold to green light Serenity 2.....
Then get out there and see the film

Bought the DVD set , as I'd been on IMDB board to see what the buzz was. Most comments were, watch the series, that'll set you up. Watched the series, and for the first time in a long time, I had a nice , warm fuzzy entertained feeling, I haven't had since BoB.

It's not Sci-fi!!!!! . Well it is, cos it's got Space ships in. It's more an alternate reality, Space 1889 etc. Feels very "Starcraft" in places with almost a Cuthulu RPG undertone running through it.

Curious mix of Wild West frontierism, Victoriana , Retro and 26th century, but very enjoyable. Most of all, the sets and premises are believable, and the approach to scientific examples is logical. Mind you, they still use scalpels for surgery, and 500 years into the future, they still use needles :(

The CGI is incredible. Just watch the Reever/Serenity dogfight in "Bushwhacked" to see what I mean. Each of the characters is well developed, and not easy to kill off, as each supplements the other. Very good storylines , without the awful cliched pap of Star Wars , Star Trek or Star anything. The good guys get hurt in this too, and it's graphic. Be advised, sometimes there is gore, and it's surprising when it comes.

Overall, very good, let's hope it makes the 80 mil and gets either another series of Part II greenlighted. Would certainly like more on the War of Independence.

And some explanation why in the 26th century , the SA80 (A50?) is the leading edge infantry assault weapon.

Oh and Kaylee is a fox, and Inara , and Zoe is just dammmmmmn hot with the finest butt I've ever seen.

Go and see it, buy the Firefly DVD set, well worth the paltry sum being asked for it right now. Do it before they twig it's going to be big again, and produce another box set another £20 more expensive.

Oh, and late news, Serenity is back in the US top 10 today , so it looks like word of mouth got it back in, it deserves it. Shiny.

Juh jen sh guh kwai luh duh jean jan :D

Mr. Happy, could you merge the Firefly thread and this one please?

22 million made in the US market only 6 million overseas. That's gross amount not adjusted on a per capita basis.

That said, I have one major beef with Joss: no more Firefly TV episodes. Over a month ago, I downloaded a video of Joss speaking at a fan con, where he mentioned that he would only do Firefly movies, not TV shows. Color me disappointed.
don't know if it is true but.....

Which is better Move or TV shows?
Well if I was a cynical man , I'd say because the marketing and hype was shite.

Shame really, because the "first 9 minute" idea to market the movie was superb, they just didn't tell anyone. Instead we got UK trailers that made the film look like "Spaceballs" :(
Shiny :D

I'll be in my bunk....

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