Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by bootneck01, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. I have a interview with Serco at the end of this month about a Installation technician. Just wondering if any one has any expericence with them or working for them also any tips for the cause i really want to nail this one
  2. Installing what?
  3. Its to do with the skynet 5, cable installations, servers etc
  4. I think L/Bdr Pigshagger would be the one to ask (if he's still around).
  5. They're not the same ones that make software are they? Including for educational establishments?
    Great if you have a pension to fall back on and if you enjoy the feeling of being back in the mob.
  7. Is that a good thing or a bad thing
  8. Poor wages and treated like shit,
  9. well least it pays the bills , i take it you use to work for them?
  10. As a contractor on more than their managers were getting :)
  11. is there anything positive about them?
  12. My experience of them is as a heavy user of their software - we "upgraded" over Christmas, came back and nothing worked. Over a month on we now have an almost stable system lacking 50% of the functionality of before, with only ONE new feature working. They screwed it good and proper.

    Not worked for them, so can't rate them as an employer, sorry. Just a company who aren't in my best books at the moment
  13. I have been doing my research on them, very little of it is positive, but if offered the job its better than a kick in the nuts
  14. I had an interview with Serco back in Jan, and im still waiting for a start date. They keep saying they are Waiting for the MOD to confirm the new contract for Iraq. I cant live off fresh air so im giving until the end of the month cant wait forever!
  15. I worked alongside Serco Facilities Management and they were pish. All promises and no solutions - that way they get to keep their yearly fee without actually doing anything!