Serco - jobs for walts?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, Jan 29, 2012.

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  1. It seems SERCO has won a major, "pre-deployment training" contract with the Army. This will involve, among other things, providing pseudo troops to act as the enemy "for realistic training" exercises. Now! Now! All you Walts get fell in and fill yer boots! Your dreams have come true at last!
  2. Pseudo troops? Aren't the TA expanding?
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  3. It'll involve wearing '58 pattern webbing and CS95. Walts will hate it.
  4. linky as i work for serco I could transfer as being a binman is rubbish ( pun intended )
  5. Where do I sign up? I need a change of career and I still have 58 webbing and CS95 in the loft!
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  6. Gary Glitter and Pete Townsend as an enemy force? Oh you said Psuedo troops!!
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  7. Known in some circles as 'actors' I believe.
  8. All joking aside, if SERCO actually want to provide realistic training it'll be in their interest to recruit former servicemen & women.

    Then again, the friendly rivalry that would undoubtedly ensue is very likely to end in alcohol-fuelled violence...
  9. Don't G4S already do this, employing jonny g types down at lydd ?
  10. Very interesting. A couple of years ago when doing OPTAG with the RN, our 'OPFOR' was provided by TA personnel who were subcontracted through a private company to provide OPFOR roles.

    While its a good idea to bring it all into one supplier, isn't the provision of trained shooty types a role that the TA could do as a genuine role - it would be a good MTD filler, and provide useful support at lower cost?
  11. Who would earn from the contract then?
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  12. "Who would earn from the contract then?"

    Profit making - the horror, the horror!
  13. Well as you point out could be done through existing resources.
  14. I have been working for a private company for the last 2 years as part of the OPTAG training team and demo troop at Longmoor camp. This serco contract is linked in with the company i work for,and if all is to beleived then it will consist of nearly 2 platoons worth of ex regular and TA soldiers.
    G4S originally lost the contract for the work we have been doing a couple of years ago,and they soon realised that focusing on recruting TA and reserve forces soldiers provides up to date and current skills, with many of the blokes returning from ops,whilst also keeping costs down as they are employed as and when.
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