Serbian Video Death Squad Jailed by Serbs


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As do the slovenians, bosniacs, croats and mujehaddin, or are we just going with the clinton/bliar soundbite legacy of "serbs did it"?
How many mines are left out there?


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chocolate_frog said:
How many mines are left out there?
...and how many British forces personnel (both former and still serving) are walking around the streets of Britain with their heads on fire from what they saw whilst serving there?

This month's 'Defence Focus' magazine had it right......15 years is long enough. Pdf copy here - warning 25MB file !

THE UK battlegroup in Bosnia- Herzegovina will be withdrawn at
the end of April, ending more than 15 years of continuous presence in the
country. The move is made possible because of the improved security
climate in Bosnia. More than 600 troops, principally
from the Welsh Guards, will return to the UK, and will not be replaced.
A small number of staff officers will remain at the EU’s military
headquarters in Sarajevo. The majority of UK troops have
been part of Multi National Task Force North West, which has been
under UK command at the HQ in Banja Luka.
The reduction in British troop levels is part of a drawdown of
all EU forces in the country, from approximately 6,000 to 2,500, which
will encourage Bosnia-Herzegovina to take more control of its own affairs.
Announcing the changes, Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram said:
“It is clear that Bosnia-Herzegovina is becoming increasingly safe.
Parliamentary and Presidential elections took place last year and
were judged to be free and fair. Significant steps in defence reform
have resulted in the establishment of a single, multi-ethnic military force
compatible with Nato. “Perhaps most importantly, the
majority of people displaced from their homes during the war have
chosen to return, many of them to areas where they do not belong to the
majority ethnic group.”

Adam Ingram also paid tribute to the British troops who have served
in Bosnia.

“Our courageous and professional Armed Forces have done an exceptional job in Bosnia,” he said. “ We owe them all a great debt of
hear bloody hear. Bravo Zulu to all involved.

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chocolate_frog said:
How many mines are left out there?
Err....A Lot.
Estimates differ, depending on political and economic "spin". There were at least 10,000 KNOWN minefields, as recently as 2 years ago and I recall the then Director of the Mine Action Centre stating publicly (in rebuttal to a comment I made about the reality of the situation) that "all mines will be gone by 2008/9". No fcuking chance. When I left in '05 I did wonder to myself, when seeing kids playing, how many of their grandchildren will painfully inherit the problem.

As regards the Serbs - not everyone's cup of tea and I'm glad to see these cnuts get their just deserts - but let's not forget the murderous Croat "HOS", and the Muslim nutters too.

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