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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by amazing__lobster, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Have an idiot at uni who apparently keeps posting threats/anti west sentiments on the intranet - just wondering if anyone can offer a translation of the cyrilic/serbian on here please.



    PS - if a MOD reads this - I kept trying to post this and it kept sayinf "error", but now looking at my previous posts, it says I have made this thread topic about 10 times, but they are not showing on here (apart from this one) 8O

    *******Edit - Sorry, when I tried posting this last night - my cookies was playing up and wasn't showing any of my posts as being posted. But thanks to all who have answered.

  2. I think when Sven suggested in the Current Affairs Forum that you post it on the Int Forum he actually the meant the Int Corps Forum rather than the Int Cell - I can guarantee you will find a Serbo-Croat speaker in there.
  3. The words in ceramic say, 'jihad for pravoslav (orthodox) and death to albanian and west'. I knew it wasn't such a useless thing to learn. Cheers, Dutch.
  4. Evening, amazing__lobster,

    Mrs “RCT(V)”, who is Srbi, offers the following. She is a little confused though, why your chap is using English vocabulary, written in Cyrillic alphabet. For example he writes, literally, “RAPING CHILDREN”, but does not use the Srbi word(s)!!

    “If you don’t speak Kosovon Serbian then why delete the posts from here as well?

    I could say JIHAD FOR ORTHODOX AND DEATH TO (ALBANIAN PEOPLE?) AND THE WEST and you wouldn’t understand it.

    Kosovo and Metoxija is our Holy land you don’t take the Jerusalem from the Jews, or the Mecca from the Muslims.

    So why take our Kosovo and Metoxija?!

    If an eastern force went in to UK or USA and bombed them and stood their troops in, there for years killing and RAPING CHILDREN, and getting read
    (RID?) of the government - I think the west would probably just nuke us again?

    So the fact we are kinder more humane people is evident in our so far tolerance, which is starting to wear thin!

    It is not a religion thing! Yes we have (ORTHODOX ?), Christian, and Muslim both Sufi and Sunni, and until recently they lived many years in peace, until the crusaders and NATO intervened? Maybe this time I write it in English and it not get deleted no? Or, you prefer another language?


    PS: CAPITALS used for ease of identifying areas translated. I’m not SHOUTING!!