Serbian Reservists stone Kosovo Police

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Herrumph, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. According to the BBC, Serbian reservists started stoning Kosovan police at a checkpoint. More protests are to follow today/tonight.

    Is this the beginning of it all kicking off again? Who's turn to respond this time?
  2. We're best off staying well out of it I reckon, we're neck deep in Afghanistan, someone elses turn this time...
  3. The Kosovo Police will get their own back, just you see. Those Serbs will be lying in bed one night and suddenly their granny will be shot in the back from out of the darkness.
  4. From b92, though the Beeb says they've since recrossed the border/'border':
    I wonder if there's a Serb version of Arrse to help them organise it? Beats TA100... :D
  5. Germans recognised Croatia too quickly last time, do we learn anything? Kosovo recognised within hours? Oh dear, an EU protectorate, how much is it going to cost to avoid war this time round?
  6. Why should anyone risk their lives anymore sorting them out, they've been at each others throats for decades let them get on with it. They are as bad as each other.
  7. Oh there you go, applying logic to European politics. :roll:

    Don't forget that two key European nations try to believe that history is something that happened less than 50 years ago, and that we've moved on, beyond the primitive need to fight each other. It is, of course, impossible that anyone else might have a different view...
  8. That's rather the point: we didn't. And now it's our problem (cheers, Tony! :x ).
  9. Shouldn't it read Serb Reservists stone illegal occupiers of their land?

    The EU can make as many recognition statements as it likes, one illigitimate organisation (The EU) recognising an illegal declaration of independence does not constitute nation building.

    I hope the Serbs kick Albanian Arrse!
  10. The EU did NOT recognise Pristina's UDI.

    Nothing like ignoring the truth in order to make a daft comment, is there?
  11. A lot of EU countries did, the EU is setting up a diplomatic mission there and deploying Police monitors.

    The EU is trying to coerce Serbia iwth promises of membership if it recognises the illegal declaration of independence.

    It is the EU that is ignoring international law here... not Serbia.

    Serbia has the lawful right to defend it's territorial integrity under international law sh*t or bust.

    If it chooses to use military means against the KLA terrorists then it has every right to do so.

    No amount of EU spin will alter that fact.

    Serbia is a recognised state at the UN.. the EU isn't.
  12. *snore* Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania & Cyprus aren't in the EU, then?

    This is an Atlanticist, NATO mess, not an EU one.
  13. oh bugger, my combats dont fit, i hope they dont need reservists soon
  14. Like I said, nothing worse than letting the truth get in the way of a good wibble...


    [1]Please name those who have officially recognised Kosovo as a sovereign independent state so far. It's not too difficult as it only takes the fingers on one hand. There are a similar number who have said they will do so, but have so far refrained.

    [2]So the EU is sending a civilian administration force to Kosovo - NOT a diplomatic mission. What's that got to do with recognition of UDI? The UN has had just such a 'force' in Kosovo since 1999, didn't mean they recognised an independent Kosovo then or now...

    Wrong! The EU has invited Serbia to sign an interim SAA as the Belgians and Dutch refused to allow a full SAA document based upon the missing Mladic. Kosovo was not mentionned in the document and Serbia refused to sign.

    Please explain how.

    The state of Serbia does indeed. But it is quite wrong for ordinary citizens to take up violent vigilante actions. I think that's called breaking the law.

    KLA no longer exists. Best start swotting if you want to pontificate with accuracy.

    All your 'facts' so far have turned out to be complete tosh!

  15. Forgot to say, bit of a kerfuffle going on in Belgrade at the moment. British embassy getting a few rocks, eggs and tomatos thrown at it. As are a number of other embassies in the centre. Apparantly the locals are not too happy that Sir John Sawers (UK Ambassador to the UN) thought fit to give Serbia a lesson in Balkan history today. :(