Serbian Government Collapses as Shock Election Called

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, May 11, 2008.

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  1. According to the Beeb

    Perhaps White City can give us an insight to this surprise.
  2. I suppose it's back to the Middle Ages for Johnny Serb then yeeha! And their EU integration dream (hopefully) shattered. Slough is saved!
  3. Thank fik I didn't buy that 'Balkan holiday home/investment'
  4. Good riddance - hope it happens. Any chance they could also take Croatia back with them to medieval obscurity?
  5. Certainly SVEN,

    It's not a surprise. The election is today. Voting started earlier this morning. The election was called 6 weeks ago. The coalition government was never a 'happy' family and were always going to fall out sooner or later.

    Have a read through the 'Kosovo' thread on ARRSE, and you'll see this has been under discussion for quite some time.
  6. You dont get intergration with the EU, you get absorption, it's like the fecking Borg from Star Trek.

    Come on Serbia, do your stuff and defy the EU!
  7. We will know soon...
  8. It will be a hung Parliament according to the news this morning. Stand by for political wranglings - internally, EU and Russian as well.
  9. Isn't the majority party a Pro Western one? Thats what Today said this morning........
  10. There is no majority parliament. Preliminary results as follows - to be confirmed officially later.

    Total seats in parliament is 250.

    SRS: 29.1% - 77 seats
    DSS/NS: 11.3% - 30 seats
    SPS/PUPS/JS: 7.9% - 20 seats
    LDP: 5.2% - 13 seats
    DS coalition: 38.7% - 103 seats
    others: 7 seats

    Please note, the pre-election DS coalition is made up of five parties which will probably split the 103 seats as follows: DS-67, G17-24, SPO-4, LSV-4 and SDP-4.


    So, the Radicals (SRS) are likely to remain the largest single party in parliament with 77 seats. To form a government, anybody needs 126 mandates to hold a majority. Tadic (the President) will now ask his own party (DS) to gather that number. But it will need either Kostunica (DSS) or Dacic (SPS - Milosevic's old mob) to pass the barrier even if he brings in all the minority parties and the LDP. Not an easy task.

    If he can't do it, SRS, DSS and SPS could just squeeze 127. Nikolic (SRS) announced last night he wanted to talk with Kostunica (DSS) first thing this morning. Dacic (SPS) said exactly the same. Kostunica just said he'll never talk to DS again!

    Strong possibility of a minority government forming with DSS sitting in opposition and agreeing not to bring down a government in a vote of no confidence. Not at all stable.

    More likely is Kostunica remains as caretaker PM for the next 3-4 months whilst negotiations on forming a government flounder, and new elections are held in August to try and break the stalemate.
  11. Ethnic minorities: 2.3%, seven seats

    They've got an Ethnic Minority Party? Why can't we have an Ethnic Minority Party? Would certainly save the main party continuly canvasing for Minority policies to apply on a Majority.

    Oh silly me, I forgot... we're too nice :)
  12. According to Bloomberg

    So we have

    Tadic's Pro-EU bloc ---------------------------- 102
    Lib-Dems (pro-EU) ----------------------------- ? (maybe 0)
    Socialists (Milosevic's party)------------------ 25
    Kostunica's party (moderate nationalists) - 37
    Radicals (hard-core nationalists) ------------- 80
    National minorities ------------------------------ 7

    Any viable coalition needs the Socialists as partners. Likely it would include also the Radicals and Koshtunica's party.

  13. I thought UK Labour Party was EVERY Minority Party?
  14. Bloomberg's information is WELL out-of-date. This information was announced in a news conference at midnight by RIK (official election commission) after about 30% of the votes had been cast.

    The information I published earlier is from CeSID (independent monitors) which I pulled off their website at 7 this morning.

    While I was typing my message (midday), the RIK held another news conference and announced the following on the basis of 98% ballots counted...

    SRS: 29.2% - 77 seats
    DSS/NS: 11.3% - 30 seats
    SPS/PUPS/JS: 7.6% - 20 seats
    LDP: 5.3% - 14 seats
    DS coalition: 38.8% - 102 seats
    others: 7 seats

    Nikolic (SRS) and Kostunica (DSS) currently in talks about future government. Will need Dacic (SPS) as full member - or acquiescence in parliament if minority government formed. SRS scheduled to talk with SPS later today.
  15. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer


    Please try to keep up.. The Labour party in the UK at the moment is the most aggressively capitalist government we have ever had.

    (PFI anyone?)