Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RCT(V), Oct 21, 2009.

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    Although satisfactory progress is being made, I have never understood why Serbia would want to join the EU . . .


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  2. TWO

    I have previously advocated that for cultural, historical, political, ethnic reasons (and because of a shared bloody mindedness and cussedness), a more appropriate future for Serbia (with possibly Montenegro and Republika Srpska), would be within a formal political, economic and defence alliance with Russia (and other predominantly Slavic countries).

    The "Commonwealth of Independent States" (CIS) comes to mind, in spite of its faults and the unnecessary and counter productive over-bearing behaviour of Russia within the CIS.

    Those "cultural, historical, political, ethnic reasons", were confirmed by the Presidents of Russia and Serbia.

  3. THREE

    It is suggested, that yesterday's pronouncements would indicate that the EU and NATO should now both look very carefully at the(ir) invitations that have been extended to Serbia to join their respective organisations.

    The publicly stated intent of both the President of the Russian Federation Dmitri Medvedev, and of the Serbian President Boris Tadic, is that Serbia would exert an influence within both the EU, and within NATO, in favour of the "third party" Russia - that has absolutely no prospect of joining the EU, or NATO.

  4. Simple!

    A) The political elite see it as the panacae to Serbia's economic woes. Ie. a 'quick fix' that will also allow them to avoid making the difficult choices (economic and political) that are needed.

    B) The business class see it as a chance to get rich by exporting and selling goods in the EU manufactured by cheap Serbian labour.

    C) The younger generation (20-30) see it as an opportunity to escape Serbia and their recent history - many think visa free travel means work permits!!!

    Outside these 3 core groups, there is hardly any support for EU membership.
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    You forgot:

    D) Older generation who might think that some supra-national unity may help avoid ethnic tensions blowing up again, as it seems to have worked so far.
  6. Nope. Older generation in Serbia is still very much of the opinion that Serbia should go it alone and stand on its own two feet come what may. Harp back to the Tito era (too blind to see the delusional fiction of the true situation he portrayed) and would settle for a Milosevic 2.0 if it became available.

    Most popular party in Serbia at the moment is Nikolic's SNS who have only existed for 12 months since his/its break from Seselj and the SRS.
  7. Spot on.
  8. Unlikely it will happen. Russian policy now is very pragmatic. What such an alliance would give Russia? Nothing being quite expensive.

    Personally I prefer united Europe with common economical, cultural spaces.

    It is time to remove borders, barriers, obstacles not to create new ones.

    I believe that in the future (and I hope not so remote) inhabitants of the territory of former Yugoslavia will discover that they have common currency (Euro), that they can settle anywhere they wish to live and that within the EU Yugoslavia would be in fact reunited.

    As for the title of the thread then I heard that NATO bosses complained that if the Bulgarians take part in a meeting then its content goes directly to Moscow immediately.
  9. Since 2002 Russia has been an associate member of NATO anyway
    So I suppose they let the Bulgarians go on their behalf to the boring meetings without the nice biscuits...
  10. All what Whitecity said. Forget the older generation of Serbia - they are too steeped in history with a slant - the slant being towards them and their point of view. But don't forget - it was also them who wanted the Russians out of Belgrade after the end of WW2! Don't equate Serbia with Jugoslavia - they are nowehere near the same thing either in economic capacity or politiccal thinking and outlook.
  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Maybe I should have been more specific.
    I agree with the pensioners - but the folks I'm coming into contact with now - loosely businessmen in Financial and IT sectors trading in Europe - are around 40. There biggest fear seems to be a re-sparking of tension that would kill their enterprises (which seem to only in Serbia anyway).
    This could of course be a bit bogus, as its a concern expressed more at them than from them I suspect.....
  12. The coldwar is over Russia vs Nato is futile and pointless.
    Obama giving up the missile shield farce helps that.
    Europe does'nt need serbia or any of the other balkan states starting something or believing they have a big brother on there side that might tempt them to think they can get away with something :(
  13. My Bold...that's spot on, but as everywhere the old don't count.....
  14. Anyone know why it's the Dutch that's holding it all up? Seems slightly out of character to me for them to be playing the awkward bastard for once.

    Translation - roll over and play dead when the international community decides it has the right to carve off a piece of your territory and make a brand new country out of it. Why we can't just negotiate some kind of devolved government or regional autonomy for the Kosovars within Serbia and be done with the whole thing I don't know but, that's another matter.
  15. Because the Dutch feel all guilty about Srebrenica. They are playing to a local Balkans audience but also to their own home team who remember iy an a national embarrassment!