Serbia threatens to use force if West recognizes Kosovo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumpelstiltskin, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. Kosovo is Serbian land, the only reason there is an Albanian majority is because they murdered the Serbs in accordance with their Nazi allies wishes.

    Recognition of Kosovo as an independant state is to legitimise ethnic cleansing.

    We'll only end up invading Kosovo again anyway when it becomes another Afghanistan.
  2. I agree absolutely.

    But can the Serbs actually do anything about unilaterally-declared Kosovan independence, now?
  3. Doubt it very much, I remember the last hype involved when we walked on in and took their guns off them and sent them home.

    At least it would be a cooler climate to do a 6 monther at in comparison to current excursions!
  4. Sweeping statements there. Care to justify & back up with references? :?
  5. Like a lot of eastern europe the albinians saw the germans as liberators
    as they been treated like shit by the serbs .Remeber hearing something how even the ss was appalled at how the albnians had been treated.
    Its all swings and round abouts at the moment kosovo is full of albnians
    handing it over to serbia isnt an option so what the fcuk do you do with it?
  6. The population's actually fluctuated wildly since the fall of the Byzantine Empire. Ironically, both Albanian and Serb are relative newcomers to the area. They've also both taken their turn at ruling the area and killing off the opposition. Albanian massacres of Serbs were pretty commonplace after the retreat of 1915, for example, and Serb pogroms against Albanians the same after they threw off Ottoman rule.

    Sadly, in this case, regardless of which side you support you'd be legitimising ethnic cleansing. The big questions are "What can the Serbs actually do to back up their threat?" and "Does NATO have the will to fight in the Balkans while US and UK are committed so heavily elsewhere?"

    The two main reasons why the Albanian population outstripped the Serb in recent years: higher birth rate and greater Serb migration to Serbia proper. A minor cause was that Kosovan sqiptari are from the Tosk minority group which suffered under Hoxha in Albania (Gog ethnicity). As they were right up at the border and had kin on the other side, they could slip across to Yugoslavia to live the good life.

    Bloody immigrants!
  7. My bold...Think you may have your wires crossed there Herenbloke
  8. While I'm no fan of the The_Cad, he may have the slightest of points here...
    The ethnic Serb population of Kosovo (as of Bosnia) declined sharply during WW2. The level of inter-ethnic butchery in Yugoslavia during the War dwarfed that of the 1990s. The Nazis were- relatively- laissez-faire in comparison.
  9. It's called International Law, you know the UN thang, that all "Civilised" nations are supposed to adher to - obviously excepting Clinton, Bliar and the Chimp.
  10. There's also the question of the Russians.

    Given a choice of supporting the US in recognising an independent Kosovo or having gas, which are the western European nations going to choose? I can hardly imagine any NATO attempt to employ force being considered for more than ten seconds, particularly if Uncle Vlad promises his full support to Belgrade.
  11. Not going to happen. It's all just a bit of hot air for local consumption. Serbia is not going to try to force NATO out of Kosovo!

    Mind you, there are a few nutters here that have volunteered to be 'storm troopers' in the name of Serbia. So expect a bit of non-state sanctionned violence erupting if the US recognises a unilateral declaration of independence.

    Could be interesting though if the Russians table a motion in the UNSC to see the FULL implementation of Military Technical Agreement signed in 1999 and UNSCR 1244. That would allow a limited Serb Army presence back into Kosovo.

    Also look out for what Russia's up to for its own good. The US and the EU are currently sleepwalking into a clever ambush laid by Moscow. If Kosovo declares unilateral independence, and the US and EU recognises it - but not the UNSC - you can expect in the near future similar declarations of independence from Russian communities in Georgia, Ukraine, Latvia and elsewhere. Is the EU ready for that fight?

    As to The_Cad's comments. You should try reading a little wider than the Nick Griffin, 'Kosovo history in three sentences' lesson dished out in the pub.
  12. probably because most of them where on the Russian front?
  13. :?

    (Genuine confusion rather than sarkiness)
  14. 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar (1st Croatian) I think he means...