Serbia - Kosovo

Discussion in 'Travel' started by happybonzo, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know if there any current problems about travelling thru Serbia apart from the 2 hour wait at the border?

    How about Kosovo? Does anyone know of any problems there?

    I will be driving down to Bulgaria and I don't want to do the drive through Romania ever again.

    Is there any problem if one of the group is a serving member of HM Forces?
  2. Might be worth speaking to your Unit on this one mate.
  3. I am not long back form Kosovo

    and out and about the proliferation of GB reg plates

    and pasty headed kids pointing out the window was a sure sign that tourism is begining to kick off.

    The Polis on both sides seem to accept that foreigners complain if you look for bribes.

    Go for it
  4. I'm a long time out but my pal is still "in": That's pretty much what I told him.
    I also said that as long as he doesn't mention J. Blunt we should be OK :lol: