Serbia are helping Mladic shocker!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Acid_Tin, Apr 5, 2005.

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  1. Having spent the best part of 2 years of my life chasing these idiots around the Balkans, I can't say I'm too surprised by this admission. However, what is interesting is that this issue is being raised by a Serb Minister in the open media. Does this mean that large rifts are appearing in the Serb Govt between the ultra-nationalists and the pro-European lobby?

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  2. Gen Sreten Lukic, commander of the MUP in Kosovo during the conflict, surrendered from Serbia to the Hague yesterday.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Or another cynical attempt by Mr Draskovic to re-invent himself?

  4. Hackle,

    I saw that yesterday as well. Is it utterly cynical to assume that nothing will ever happen to the 'really big fish' for a variety of reasons? :D

    For example, on 30 Mar 05, the President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Judge Theodor Meron, granted Miroslav Kvocka’s request for early release pursuant to Article 28 of the Statute of the Tribunal, and Rules 124 and 125 of the Rules of Evidence and Procedure.

    This bloke was found guilty by virtue of his individual criminal responsibility on one count of crimes against humanity (persecutions) and two counts of violations of the laws or customs of war ( murder and torture) and sentenced to seven years' imprisonment which was upheld by the Appeals Chamber.

    Time off for good behaviour m'lud!
  5. Hi!

    Btw, have you took part in this operation?

    Now look at official SFOR web site

    I wonder, why NATO troops simply hadn't knock at the door? Priests house was investigated previously. So why brutal force was used?
  6. KGB Bloke - are you really suggesting that 'Reporter', 'Glas Srpske' and 'Oslobodjenje' are:

    1. Pursuing no agenda at all.
    2. Completely engaged with the need for a SSE.
    3. Even capable of recognising the truth in any matter without referring everything to purely nationalistic terms.

    This is a wind-up...right? :D
  7. Dear friend!

    There was an information that the house was previously investigated. This information was placed on official SFOR web-site. If it is not true then SFOR could make a statement that the house was not investigated. But we don't see such a statement. So we can regard fact (that the house was previously investigated) as established.

    No matter who tells the truth (if it is a truth indeed).

    As to your questions

    1. Pursuing no agenda at all.

    Of course they are biased.

    2. Completely engaged with the need for a SSE.

    What is SSE?

    3. Even capable of recognising the truth in any matter without referring everything to purely nationalistic terms.

    I think that anybody is capable to recognise the truth with some, though very important exceptions. I mean politicians.

    Thank you for replay!

  8. I find nothing I hear from the RS surprises me anymore, nor indeed do I find any of it unbelievable either. What I find amazing is that the Serbian establishment can achieve in five years what it took the Federal German political elite thirty years to achieve. Or, are Slavs inherently better at denial than Erichs?
  9. ROFLMAO!! :D

    We're all sniggering in the office at this - tres amusant! :D
  10. Dear Cuddles!

    What do your know about Srebrenica?

    So this Naser Oric made his raids against peaceful Serbian villages under the protection of Dutch peacekeepers. And note, only men, armed men were killed. So it is not a genocide, it is a war.

    As you see "Muslim fighters" were armed, rejected surrender and tried to escape. Many were killed in battle. Many managed to escape.

    No doubt that many Muslim POWs were killed. But they were killed then other 15000 "Muslim fighters" tried to escape and maybe free their mates.

    If there is a real threat that POWs could be freed by enemy they can be killed because if they would be freed they would kill you.

    I don't like killing of POWs but it is a war.

    This might explain the sudden willingness to co-operate

    There has been sustained pressure from the Paddy Pantsdown Ashdown the OHR and Carla Del Ponte among others

    A number of articles appeared last year in magazines like the Sarajevo daily "Dnevni avaz" exposed links between Belgrade the RS regime and Mladic (among others) which continued long after the supposed split.

    How else do you think they could remain on the run?

    PIFWC lifts are always extremely difficult to co-ordinate and keep secret.

    Remember in 1998 when the Czech BG assisted with the lift of a pair of twins who had been paid to assume the IDs of the real crims. The good ole boys burst in, didnt confirm the IDs properly and promptly beat the shiete of them. When it became common knowledge that they had got the wrong blokes the two freaks were paraded around on Serb TV saying look what NATO has done to us :roll:
  12. Interesting, Calypso about Kvocka's release. Prosecutor was consulted and did not oppose. Kvocka not a "big fish"; he was 2IC at Omarska. I think the Appeals Chamber said something at the time of his partly-successful appeal against conviction along the lines that his efforts to prevent crimes by others had not been adequate to escape conviction on the remaining charges. He accepted in his own evidence the terrible things which had happened at Omarska, and much of the case turned on whether or not he must have known at the time what was going on, and whether he was or was not a shift commander, etc.

    It was argued on Kvocka's behalf at his trial and appeal that he is married to a Bosnian Muslim and was ultimately sacked from Omarska under suspicion of being a traitor to those he was serving. I wouldnt personally draw the conclusion from his case that nothing will ever happen to any of the "big fish".