Septics to slash pentagon budget by 480 billion

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by gladwda, Jan 5, 2012.

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  1. Seems to be part of their ongoing strategy to "not pay any taxes ever no matter what". Which answers the question of which the Septics love more, their endearingly bloated armed forces or their historically low top-bracket tax rates. Who needs an actual army when you can watch movies of your countrymen saving the grateful rest of the world by heroically blowing up flying saucers for a much lower price!
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  2. They even make our SDSR look like small fry...

    Every thing is bigger in America. Even cuts.
  3. Still a long way to go in order to reduce that 'fat' $14 Trillion dollar debt
  4. Anybody who didn't see this coming is an idiot. Hopefully the yanks will poke off out of the UK too, but it looks like the majority of the cuts will be US army.

    EUFOR looks more attractive now, if we want the big toys?
  5. Maybe we can pick up some second hand gear for much cheapness.
  6. And still they have a bigger budget then every other nation combined! and not cancelling any of there 11 carriers unlike us.

    Harrier Thought id say it before anyone else mentioned it
  7. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    I like the way that the map includes Canada as a US territory - that'll piss off the Canucks
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  8. Monroe Doctrine, innit? It's only imperialism when some other country does it.
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  9. Oh, c'mon! Everyone knows that "North America" just means the USA. Also, Mexico is not part of it. ;P
  10. Leaner, agile, flexible...
  11. Also: nude and slathered in scented oils!
  12. Still more than ours methinks
  13. I don't think the MoD have ever referred to our forces as above.